‘Siesta Key’ Fans React To Juliette Porter’s Epic ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’ Breakup With Robby Hayes

The MTV star ended her three-month relationship with the reality TV veteran on-camera, of course.

Robby Hayes and Juliette Porter attend The Neon Carnival with "POKÉMON Detective Pikachu" and The LG Mobile Experience on April 27, 2019 in Thermal, California.
Jerod Harris / Getty Images

The MTV star ended her three-month relationship with the reality TV veteran on-camera, of course.

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter broke up with Robby Hayes on-camera, and fans were there for it.

In a scene shot on the Florida beach last summer shortly after they returned home from a gorgeous Instagram-worthy trip to Greece, the 22-year-old Siesta Key beauty finally gave the ax to her older beau after he admitted to throwing her pal Amanda Miller’s phone in the water.

After telling Robby, 31, he needed to apologize to Amanda, Juliette switched gears to their relationship status.

In an epic “It’s not you, it’s me” spiel, Juliette told Robby she doesn’t know what she wants — except for the fact that she doesn’t want a serious relationship.

“You’re amazing in every way,” she told Robby. “It’s just not what I need right now.”

In comments to Siesta Key’s Instagram clip of the breakup, fans seemed happy to say goodbye to Robby, who is infamous for his rotation of reality TV appearances on The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and Vanderpump Rules.

“Ba bye Robbie, you’ve had your 5 mins of fame,” one commenter wrote.

“Lolol Robby’s a man child and Juliette realized it and that’s the tea on that,” a second viewer wrote.

“Hate this guy, he is 1000% using her!! You deserve sooo much better Juliette,” another person added.

“How many shows is he going to be on good Lord,” another follower wrote in reference to Robby’s growing reality TV resume.

Siesta Key cast members have been vocal about the fact that they think Robby is a “clout chaser” who was using Juliette for Instagram clicks. Juliette’s ex, Alex Kompothecras, even tried to tell her that Robby was no good for her.

Robby previously talked to Us Weekly about his romance with Juliette, which ended in July after three months of dating. While he said he felt like the relationship “just kind of fizzled,” he certainly appeared blindsided during their beachside breakup.

Meanwhile, Juliette said her fling with Robby “was like a crash” toward the end when they jetted off to Greece.

“Honestly, we were in our own bubble and we went back to Siesta Key and things just got real again and reality set in,” she said.

The Siesta Key star added that the pressures of being on a reality TV show added to the stress of the new relationship.

While her relationship with Robby is over, it’s doubtful Juliette will get back together with her ex, Alex. The Siesta Key bad boy recently revealed he is expecting a baby with his new girlfriend, Alyssa Salerno.