Mystery Surrounds Father-Daughter Suicide In Kansas City

Mystery Surrounds Father-Daughter Suicide In Kansas City

Mystery surrounds a father-daughter suicide in Kansas City last week. Witnesses watched in horror as the father and daughter jumped, hand in hand, from the Christopher S. Bond Bridge into the Missouri River.

Authorities report that an unidentified couple was seen hugging and holding hands before jumping from the bridge into the river. Witnesses were reportedly further concerned as the woman appeared to be holding something wrapped in a blanket.

As reported by the Washington Post, it is assumed that the woman had her dog wrapped in the blanket. Police were able to confirm the identities of the 29-year-old woman and her father, as her vehicle was abandoned on the bridge.

The pair reportedly shared a home in Peculiar, Missouri. Authorities were unable to find a suicide note. There is no indication as to what motivated the mysterious father-daughter suicide.

The woman’s parents had reportedly been divorced for years and her mother lives several hours away. As reported by the Kansas City Star, the mother spoke with reporters, but has prefers to remain anonymous.

The mother states that police have not formally confirmed the death of her daughter and ex husband. She was shocked by the news, as she expected her ex husband to help their daughter if she was depressed. She stated that her daughter suffered emotional issues in the past, but she has always accepted her parents’ help.

The mother and several friends point out that the woman had difficulty throughout her life as she had a learning disability. Friends state that she had seriously discussed suicide within the last year, but they eventually lost contact as the woman became more withdrawn.

Her mother admitted that her ex husband also struggled with depression, but she never expected him to commit suicide with their daughter.

Police are unsure that they will find the answers they are looking for, but continue to investigate the mysterious father-daughter suicide. Authorities have not released any names.