Mathilde Tantot Takes Off Her Thong Bodysuit In Sultry New Instagram Pic

Mathilde Tantot takes a selfie.
Mathilde Tantot / Instagram

Mathilde Tantot has been sharing a stream of eye-catching photos to her Instagram page lately but took it to another level today with her newest photo series. There were four pictures that showed her rocking a newsprint thong bodysuit, except for the second snap, which showed her taking it off and flaunting her figure.

In this photo, the blonde stood and faced the camera straight-on while holding the bodysuit in her left hand and rocking just a white thong. Mathilde placed her right hand over her chest to censor it, leaving her underboob on display. She cropped her face out of the shot, which meant that the focus was solely on her physique — in addition to her chest, her toned abs were hard to miss, and her small crescent moon tattoo on her upper thighs was in full view.

The stunner’s hand placement also brought attention to her periwinkle manicure which was the brightest pop of color in the shot.

She posed in front of a blank wall in dim lighting and the photo had a film-like quality to it, thanks to its graininess and lack of sharp focus.

On the other hand, Mathilde was photographed wearing the bodysuit in all of the other photos, including the first image, where she faced her back to the camera to flaunt her booty.

The third shot showed her placing her hands by her abs, and this angle was fairly risqué considering that the suit had an extremely high leg cut, considering that it didn’t look like she was wearing her white thong underneath.

In the fourth image, the sensation lifted her left knee into the air and arched her back.

Her adoring followers took to the comments section to rave about her good looks.

“You’re an icon,” declared an admirer.

However, there was also lots of discussion about whether or not the model has butt implants.

“It looks like you have implants,” wrote a follower, kicking off a conversation between many people.

“She does,” responded a fan.

“She doesn’t. Her only cosmetic was a nose job,” claimed a fourth social media user.

In addition, the sensation shared another photo of herself in a bodysuit on January 31. That time, she rocked an off-the-shoulder mesh ensemble that was completely see-through and her chest was left on full display. Mathilde attempted to censor her curves with two black bars but it wasn’t completely effective. The outfit had a high leg cut and the model completed her look with a pair of large silver hoop earrings.