Sofia Bevarly Shows Sideboob While Holding A Coconut At The Beach

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Sofia Bevarly has been sharing lots of eye-catching bikini pics lately and followed them up today with a new Instagram snap of her enjoying the beach while holding a coconut. Her revealing outfit left her sideboob on full display which included a black tank top and matching bikini bottoms.

There were three photos in the series, and the first one showed the model standing with her body angled towards the camera. She played with a strand of her hair with her right hand, held the coconut in her left hand, and propped out her left foot. Sofia smiled widely and looked up into the sky which appeared to be completely clear and light blue that day.

The top had a high collar and deep cuts on the arms that left her sides exposed. Her bottoms were a thong with thick straps that rested high on her hips, showing her bare booty and hips in the shot.

Sofia wore her hair down in a heavy right part, and it looked like her locks were blowing about in the wind. In addition, she didn’t wear any visible accessories other than a couple of rings, which meant that the focus was on her figure.

Behind her were a stretch of yellow beach and the blue ocean. And although the photo was taken on a sunny day, she stood in the shadows.

The second photo was similar, except she stood with her hands by her sides this time and gazed up towards the sky with a hint of a smile on her face.

In the final picture, Sofia was photographed with her left hand in her hair and her elbows angled up. She crossed her left leg in front and held the coconut with her right hand.

The bombshell’s followers took to the comments section to share their compliments.

“I know no men will believe me. But, there is a coconut in this photo. If you look for it you’ll see it,” joked an admirer.

Others responded to her question in the caption.

“One and you like one as well because normally you put the one you like first,” suggested a second social media user.

“All three photos are stunning and I would have to choose number 3,” wrote a supporter.

“#1 because of your smile. Your smile brightens my day,” declared a fan.

In addition, Sofia shared another photo four days ago from the beach. In that update, she struck the Bambi pose feet from the ocean waters and rocked a light blue beaded bikini.