Fitness Model Krissy Cela Rocks Gray Leggings And Black Sports Bra For ‘Brutal’ Leg Day Workout

Fitness Model Krissy Cela poses for a photo on her Instagram page
Krissy Cela / Instagram

Fitness model Krissy Cela showcased an intense leg workout on her Instagram page on Tuesday, a circuit that even she described as “brutal” in her caption.

Dressed in gray leggings and a black sports bra with a strappy detail at the back, the brunette beauty started the workout with a set of sumo deadlifts with a 20-kilogram barbell.

For this exercise, she assumed a wide-legged stance in front of the weight before leaning forward with a flat back to lift it with an overhand grip on one side and an underhand grip on the other. Krissy also tensed her glutes at the top of the movement before setting the weight back on the ground. Krissy did five deadlifts in the first clip and recommended doing eight sets of five reps each.

Krissy moved on to hip thrusts next and braced her back against an exercise bench to do them. Krissy placed the barbell over her pelvis and lifted her hips and then lowered them until they hovered just a short distance from the ground. Her caption also recommended eight, five-rep sets.

The third video saw Krissy knock out a set of split squats which required her to rest one foot behind her on a weight bench. She assumed a typical lunge position and bent her front knee as she held two dumbbells. For this exercise, she suggested doing 3 sets of 10 reps of 3 sets on each leg.

Krissy used the dumbbells in the fourth video as well for a set of single-leg deadlifts, an exercise that she recommended that her fans do for 3 sets of 12 reps. And finally, the barbell returned for the last video, during which she powered through a series of curtsy lunges. With this move, she had to take large diagonal steps backward as she held the weight on her shoulders.

The video series has accumulated over 30,000 likes as of this writing and more than 400 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, some fans praised her physical fitness.

“You make it look so easy,” one person wrote. “When I know it bloody tough.”

“Killing it as always my lovely!! My inspiration!” another added. “And queen of the glutes ”

Others focused on complimenting her toned physique.

“Girl your gainz progress has been crazy these last few months!” a third commenter wrote.

A fourth fan was much blunter with their praise.

“You have such a beautiful body,” they remarked.