Sara Underwood Looks Chic & Sexy In Crop Top With Fitted Flare Pants

David BeckerGetty Images

When it comes to looking chic and sexy, nobody does it quite like model Sara Underwood. The beauty has a knack for pulling together some stylish outfits that she likes to share on social media. In her latest Instagram update on Tuesday, she flaunted her figure in a cute crop top and a pair of flare pants.

Sara’s post saw her standing outside in front of a door that was part of what appeared to be a root cellar built into the side of a hill. The photo showed all of her body as she leaned against one side of the doorway. Rocks of various sizes were stacked along the outside edges of the door, and the upper portion was covered with grass and moss.

The stunner’s crop top was a mustard color with a mock turtleneck and long sleeves. It was made from a fabric that stretched across Sara’s chest, accentuating her bustline. The bottom cut off just below her breasts, showing off her flat abs. Her high-rise pants were made of print fabric and were flared at the feet. They fit her hips and thighs snugly, showing off her hourglass shape and the curve of her thighs. Sara completed her look with a tan cabbie hat and black shoes.

Sara’s hair brushed the top of her shoulders as it blew in the wind. She looked at something off to the side with a small smile on her face. Her makeup included blush on her cheeks and a nude color on her lips.

In the caption, she asked her followers if the structure looked like it belonged at Cabinland, where she and boyfriend Jacob Witzling are building tiny cabins in the Pacific Northwest.

Many admirers told her that they thought it would fit in the couple’s neck of the woods, while others raved about how stunning Sara looked in the outfit.

“Just utter perfection you are @saraunderwood so breathtaking,” one Instagram user told her.

“Yes! And your outfit matches it so well,” a second follower said.

“Stunning outfit! Stunning you!” commented a third fan.

“You are one SEXY woman!” gushed another admirer.

Sara likes to keep her Instagram page interesting by sharing some of her adventures. From trekking across trails to exploring exotic areas, the scenery in her photos looks almost as good as she does. She recently shared a snap that showed her looking gorgeous in a crop top and jeans while standing outside during a snowfall.