Jessica Simpson Says ‘God Bless You Guys’ To Animal Rights Protesters Who Crash Her Book Tour

Cindy OrdGetty Images

Jessica Simpson‘s Open Book tour is attracting some unwanted guests. The 39-year-old fashion designer was interrupted during a book event in California with Katherine Schwarzenegger as animal rights protesters called her out for wearing fur, but she offered them a blessing instead of getting upset.

In a video posted by TMZ, things looked a little rocky as protesters showed up at the event at the Aratani Theater in Los Angeles. Jessica and Katherine paused their chat about her memoir as a small group of PETA supporters held up signs and chanted loudly while security ushered them out of the venue.

In a funny twist, Jessica praised the group for standing up for their beliefs.

“God bless you guys!” Jessica said.

“It’s beautiful that you stand up for what you believe, but not through hatred.”

The Open Book author received applause from the audience.

Later, an audience member stood up and begged Jessica to “stop wearing animals.” She was also escorted out by security, according to Just Jared.

Simpson told Schwarzenegger she’s used to the protests at this point. It turns out, it’s a frequent thing for the mom of three.

Last week, there was reportedly a ruckus at her Open Book signing event at Barnes & Noble in New York City. TMZ reported that Jessica was even faced with a protest group when she was out to dinner at Il Mulino. Anti-fur members called her an “animal abuser” and a”murderer,” one irate person reportedly asked the former Newlyweds star, “What type of person would wear fur in 2020?”

On Twitter, people gave Jessica mixed reviews for how she handled the protesters. The star’s past Chicken of the Sea confusion from her Newlyweds days even came up once again.

“It’s pathetic,” one person tweeted. “She wears fur… and comes up with praying for the activists. Guess you can’t expect too much from someone who doesn’t know the difference between tuna and chicken.”

“Not my choice, ” another wrote. “But I refuse to believe people are inherently bad because they make the decision to wear fur. I also don’t think you can write off someone’s intelligence based on a quote from 17 YEARS ago…”

It is unclear if Jessica wears a lot of real fur or leather in her daily life. While much of her Jessica Simpson Collection fashion line uses faux fur and faux animal print, last week the designer was photographed wearing a bright pink fox fur-trimmed coat from Saks Potts.