Reality Steve’s ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers Confirm Major Theory About Peter Weber’s Ending This Season

Peter Weber is ABC's 'The Bachelor'.
Eric McCandless / ABC

People have been anxious to get reliable The Bachelor spoilers for the ending of Peter Weber’s season, but production has managed to keep a lot more than usual under wraps. Blogger Reality Steve has been working hard to figure out all of the juiciest tidbits and his latest post breaks down where things stand with his spoilers now.

Based on what Reality Steve shared in his new post, it seems that the information he has been able to verify aligns pretty closely with what most The Bachelor spoiler fans have most consistently speculated. As he notes, there are still some significant unknowns and he is still working on figuring them out. What he has uncovered doesn’t fully spoil Peter’s ending, however, it’s more seemingly verified information than what fans have had to work with up to this point.

Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that — as many fans suspected — Madison Prewett gets quite upset after the overnight dates when she learns that Peter was intimate with one, or more, of the other ladies. Interestingly, how Madi is said to find out about Peter’s actions with the other bachelorettes seems to be a juicy franchise first.

The Bachelor spoilers have indicated that Madison, Victoria Fuller, and Hannah Ann Sluss get overnight dates with Peter in Australia. While the order of these dates hasn’t been revealed yet, Reality Steve’s new teasers would seem to suggest that Madi’s comes last.

Over the next couple of weeks, The Bachelor spoilers indicate that viewers, and Peter, will learn that Madi is saving herself for marriage. At some point soon, she will apparently tell Peter that if he were to be intimate with any of his other ladies, she would have a serious problem with it.

Despite that, it seems that Peter does get intimate on one, if not both, of his other overnights. Reality Steve says that Madi finds out the information not from Peter, but from Victoria and Hannah Ann during a “girl chat” session between the three of them.

Having the final three women together to chat is quite unusual, so some might wonder if this was orchestrated by production. That isn’t known at this point, but The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve indicate that Madi learns from the other two ladies that Peter hit the sheets with Victoria, Hannah Ann, or both.

After learning this, The Bachelor spoilers reveal that Madi quits the show. As many fans had suspected, she supposedly self-eliminates because she’s saving herself for marriage and Peter slept with at least one other contestant.

What happens from there? Reality Steve doesn’t know yet.

However, there is definitely still drama at the end of filming and the previews confirm that emotions will be running high. Host Chris Harrison tells Peter something potentially significant at the final rose ceremony, and Peter’s mom gets emotional about him bringing his gal home to them.

If Madi quit and Peter had wanted to choose Hannah Ann anyway, there’s not really any reason for all of these tensions and big emotions. That would seem to suggest that Peter wanted to choose Madi and everything is up in the air once she quits.

The Bachelor spoilers have signaled that Peter is with someone now. While Reality Steve said he cannot confirm it yet, he said his guess at this point is that Peter reconnects with Madi at some point after she quits, the two manage to reunite, and they are dating now.

Will this turn out to be the case? Reality Steve points out that if this is how things go, there are still some important gaps that need to be filled in to explain how Peter and Madi end up together. In addition, there are some The Bachelor spoilers hinting that there are still some pieces that won’t be finalized until the After the Final Rose show airs.

One way or another, answers about how Peter’s season ends and where things stand for him now will be revealed in a few more weeks. The Bachelor spoilers have consistently hinted that there are chaotic developments on the way and Reality Steve is seemingly determined to figure out more before that big finale airs.