‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Talks About Going Through A ‘Funk’

Chelsea Houska poses for a photo.
Chelsea Houska / Instagram

Chelsea Houska is a fan favorite from the hit MTV reality show series Teen Mom 2. On Monday, the mom of three took to her Twitter account to share a relatable post about going through a “funk.”

“Does anyone else go through funks where they just let themselves go for a while…and then one day you wake up..and you’re spray tanning, you’re waxing that unibrow, shaving that big toe. And you’re just ready to f it up as a whole new woman? And then repeat the cycle? Just me?” Chelsea tweeted out to her more than 1 million followers.

As most fans of the show know, Chelsea is known for her stellar style and often posts photos of herself all dressed up with her signature red hair styled and her makeup looking amazing. Considering how fans typically see her on social media, this was certainly a very vulnerable tweet for Chelsea to share. However, it sounds like many of her fans related to the tweet as it had over 44,000 likes from her followers and nearly 7,000 retweets. Not only that, many of her followers commented on the tweet and admitted that they have also gone through similar funks.

“Most relatable tweet award,” one fan commented.

Another fan wrote, “I don’t even have kids and I go through those phases! You’re definitely not alone. Whether it’s the seasons or hormones or what have you — I think it’s just part of the human experience.”

“Same here it’s just exhausting doing life sometimes,” another fan wrote.

Earlier this month, Chelsea shared another tweet that her fans were able to relate to. Talking about working out, Chelsea admitted that she worked out for the first time in a long time and that it neither felt good nor was she glad she did it. Plenty of Chelsea’s fans were able to relate to her working out post as well, knowing that trying to get back into a workout routine after a while can be difficult. Not only that, but being a mom can make finding a routine even harder. Chelsea is a mom to three young kids and is busy taking care of them in her day-to-day life so it is understandable that setting a workout routine may not be easy.

Whether she is talking about working out or admitting that she goes through funks, there is no doubt that Chelsea Houska is a relatable reality show star.