Snooki Baby Baptism Chronicled On Twitter

snooki baby baptism

Snooki’s baby baptism this weekend is a standard rite of passage in Italian-American families, and the Jersey Shore star has been actively tweeting her excitement about son Lorenzo’s first big day. (Aside from his birthday, of course.)

On Sunday, Snooki’s baby baptism went down in Jersey, and the new mom has been tweeting up a storm about the festivities.

Last night, Snooki told followers that after his birth in summer of 2012, “Lorenzo is finally baptized! He did so good ❤ #proudparents.”

The reformed party girl sent a series of tweets chronicling her baby’s baptism and the happy day, wearing a bright royal blue maxi dress and pushing Lorenzo around in a stroller as she and fiance Jionni LaValle gathered with friends and family for the occasion.

After Snooki’s baby baptism tweets, she did take some time out to address haters who’d tweeted back some nasty things to her post-party tweets.

One particularly mean tweet joked that Snooki — who had an unabashedly wild lifestyle before she became a mom — drank while she was pregnant, and the Jersey Shore star responded quietly and without any return insults. She simply said:

Snooki also batted down another hater, retorting:

She even re-tweeted and laughed at one poor speller who insulted her:

During Snooki’s baby’s baptism, she tweeted:

Snooki is about to release a pregnancy book, the title and release date of which haven’t been revealed.