Kate Beckinsale Shakes Her Hips With Hilarious Dance Partner In New Instagram Video

Kate Beckinsale wears a white dress.
Phillip Faraone / Getty Images

Kate Beckinsale has been sharing photos of her glam dresses for Vanity Fair parties on Instagram lately, but she was back to her usual antics today with her newest post, where she busted out dance moves with a hilarious partner. The actress was seen filming the clip with one of her older Persian cats, Clive, slung over her left shoulder with the song “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston blaring in the background.

The stunner rocked a casual outfit that featured a hooded maroon sweater and tight black leggings. She wore her hair in a casual bun and faced her back to the camera for the entire duration of the video. The cat seemed perfectly happy sitting on her shoulder the whole time, although he did look down toward the floor for most of the clip.

Kate started off her dance by moving her hips from side to side before raising her right arm into the air and continuing her silly yet sultry dance. The beauty then put her arms out to the sides to do a shimmy, leaning back slightly before standing back upright. At the very end of the clip, she leaned back to her left to strike a dramatic pose.

The videographer moved around here and there to give fans a glance at the bombshell from a lower vantage point. Although the focus may have been on the cat in the caption, her booty was hard to miss.

The stunner stood in between a stainless steel fridge and a kitchen counter with a door visible in front of her with clear glass panes.

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Choose a dance partner of equal ability if possible

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Her adoring fans took to the comments section to react to the new share.

“I’d give it a 10! Especially with kitty on your shoulders!” raved an admirer.

“I threw my back out just watching this,” joked a second social media user.

“Ohhh Kate you’re a special kind of crazy and we all love it,” declared a follower.

Plus, one supporter asked an off-topic question, but Kate steered them back to reality.

“Are you making another underworld movie???” they asked.

“Nope I’m dancing with an elderly cat in the kitchen,” she responded.

Kate shared another silly video a week ago for her friend’s birthday. For the clip, the actress lit a candle that was in her friend’s mouth while they lie on a table next to a baby Yoda-themed cake. The duo started laughing before Kate took the candle out of her friend’s mouth and gave her a chance to blow out the three candles on the cake.