Pauline Tantot Wears Only A Scarf On Her Waist In Sultry New Selfies

Pauline Tantot has been sharing an eye-catching stream of incredible new Instagram pics since having landed in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and kept things sizzling with her newest selfies. The blonde shared three photos in her latest Instagram update, all of which showed her wearing just a scarf.

In the first photo, Pauline stood in front of a vanity, next to a modern white tub. She popped her left hip and held the phone up with her left hand, censoring her chest with her right arm. The stunner glanced at the phone screen with a pout on her face and exuded sultry vibes.

She wore a scarf around her waist and nothing else. This state of near undress put many of her curves on display, considering that the scarf in question mostly covered the front of her legs and left her booty bare. Even though she placed her arm in front of her breasts, her cleavage and a bit of underboob were visible.

She wore her hair down in a middle part and brushed her locks behind her shoulders.

The bathroom that she posed in was well-lit, particularly by two thin, rectangular sconces that were mounted on either side of a small mirror. The walls and floor of the room featured marbled tile and gold hardware, adding to the luxurious vibe. The model also stood next to a small green table with a couple of beauty products placed on top.

In the second photo, the model angled her body to the side and showed off more of her derriere. She closed her eyes this time, and held the scarf up to cover her chest.

The next snap was a slight variation on this continuing theme, except Pauline glanced down at the camera while posing for this photo.

Her adoring fans took to the comments section with lots of compliments.

"You are perfect @popstantot AMAZING," gushed an admirer.

"It's almost an infinite loop of you in the mirror," observed a follower, who took note of the reflection behind Pauline.

"Best bathroom selfie in history," declared a third Instagram user.

"LoL you'd get hella attention walking like that in Dubai," joked another supporter.

Preceding this latest share, Pauline posted another racy photo three days ago, one that was all about her chest. That time, she was photographed going braless in an unbuttoned white shirt that she brushed to the sides in order to leave her cleavage showing. She wore a light pink pair of bikini bottoms with a butterfly pattern, and these bottoms came courtesy of Khassani Swimwear -- a brand she co-owns with her twin sister, Mathilde.