Overly Attached Girlfriend Adorably Opens Up About Internet Infamy

overly attached girlfriend laina walker

Anyone who’s been on the internet for five minutes or more knows “Overly Attached Girlfriend,” the meme in which a wide-eyed young woman is captioned with an ever increasing number of “stalker” type phrases.

The Overly Attached Girlfriend meme is, as you may know, a still taken from a YouTube video she created for a Justin Bieber contest. But the pic transcended the June 2012 competition, and OAG is now a a full-fledged bit of internet culture on which dating sins are platformed for discussion and humor purposes.

So who is Overly Attached Girlfriend? Business Insider recently interviewed Laina Walker, 21, the quietly-spoken woman clearly recognizable as her internet meme depiction. Walker discussed how the video changed her life, the world of YouTube stardom, and whether or not she’s been able to parlay being a meme into a full-time job.

Walker speaks in the video clip below about her experiences as Overly Attached Girlfriend, saying that the no longer newfound fame is still a bit unsettling for her:

“It’s definitely weird … but it’s fun. I like it a lot … It’s weird when I go on Pinterest or Reddit for myself just browsing and there I am.”

It’s clearly been a life-changing experience for the woman once known only as Overly Attached Girlfriend, and she says that her viral fame has enabled her to become a full-time “YouTuber.”

In addition, the young woman has worked with Kia, and got a lease for a Kia Soul out of the deal — pretty sweet. What she hasn’t gotten is embarrassed for being openly silly, which she also speaks about in the video.

OAG kids

Do you think it’s cool people like Overly Attached Girlfriend can accidentally find a career like this?