Spoilers For 'The Bachelor' Paint Kelley Flanagan As A Villain, But Peter Weber's Fans Aren't Buying It

The Bachelor contestant Kelley Flanagan has been a somewhat unusual bachelorette on Peter Weber's season this winter. Viewers have seen lots and lots of drama over the past few weeks, but she has generally stayed away from all of the chaos. Many fans cheered her when she challenged Peter in a recent episode. However, a sneak peek for Episode 7 airing on Monday night suggests that everybody might see a new side of her on an upcoming date.

A clip shared via the show's Instagram page focuses on Kelley and seems to be framing her as this week's villain. The Bachelor spoilers have indicated that she will end up on a three-on-one date with Peter in Peru for Episode 7. Based on this new preview, Kelley will be showing her assertive side as this date plays out.

At various points during the preview, it seems that Kelley will note that those who are weak won't last. The Bachelor contestant is heard saying that the other women are children, further pointing out that she is an attorney. She'll indicate that she is ready for Peter to go ahead and give her the rose already, and she'll apparently be blunt in thinking that this should be an easy decision for him.

The sneak peek also teases that nobody saw "her" coming, as Kelley is seen smiling in what appears to be something of a sneaky or villainous way. The clip also dramatically notes that Peter never saw "this" coming, and he is shown watching a vehicle pull away after what may well have been an elimination of one of his ladies.

Will Kelley suddenly turn evil during Episode 7? The Bachelor spoilers indicate that there are difficult moments ahead for her and Peter. However, it does look like the editing of the clip might be a bit sneaky and heavy-handed in making it seem that she is suddenly the primary contestant stirring up trouble.

"Idc what anyone says Kelley is a queen," declared one fan.

"Y'all are too much sometimes we know Kelley is not the villain," noted another viewer.

"Kelley is literally the best thing to come from this season and idc what anyone says or how editing tries to portray her. we stan a queen!!!" wrote someone else.

"Okay y'all calm down it's just the trailer, we all know kelly is the most mature one left," shared yet another fan.

If Kelley indeed departs soon -- as spoilers for The Bachelor have suggested -- quite a few fans are already looking ahead to the possibility that she could be The Bachelorette this spring. It seems she already has people rooting for her, but others suspect that she'd be passed over in favor of someone perhaps more malleable for the producers.

Will Kelley really transition into something of an overconfident villain Monday night or will she leave on a good note with fans mourning her departure? The Bachelor spoilers suggest that there are plenty of twists and turns still on the way with Peter's season and everybody will be curious to see how Kelley figures into them.