Belgian Fitness Model Savannah Prez Instagram Shows Off Insane Quads In Underwear & Sports Bra

Savannah Prez snaps a mirror selfie in a pink underwear set.
Savannah Prez / Instagram

Savannah Prez posted a hot new update to her Instagram page to share a few fitness tips with her 692,000 followers.

On Monday, February 10, the Belgian fitness model took to the popular social media app to explain that any exercise is a good exercise as long as they are performed correctly. Prez went on to add that even though this may sound obvious, it is the main reason people often fail to build muscles.

Prez went into specific details of the main areas of issues before inviting users to train quads with her. She urged them to the link in her bio, which redirects to a page on her website where her eBook, The Quads Bible, can be purchased and downloaded.

The fitness trainer and model paired her lengthy caption with a photo of herself showing off her famous quads. In the photo, Prez stood in front of a full-length mirror while holding her phone to snap the selfie. She posed against a white wall near a window. Prez did not include a geotag with her post, but those who follow the model will recognize this spot from several previous selfies.

On her upper body, Prez rocked a sports bra in white that contrasted with her skin tone. The top features thick straps that go over her shoulders. It also has sheer details that go around its solid white middle part.

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Progress can only be made if you FEEL the muscles you’re working. May sound logically but .. many train without the brain (Great rhyme sav????). No but really, let’s be serious! I feel to many are still searching for “THE magic exercises” while in the first place all exercises are good inherently. What will make the difference is HOW you perform them. Be aware of these few things: – 1. Form!!! Can’t say enough how important that one is. I still see people daily squatting with their knees bending inwards or people deadlifting with a round back.. you can’t expect a training to give you results if you lack a good form and thus also a good mind-muscle connection. I’m sorry but this is just a waste of time. . 2. Range of motion. Everyone can legpress 300kg with half reps.. (see it daily too ????). I’m always like why??! Listen, always favor a full range motion over the weights. FEEL the muscles working! A muscle can’t develop in its full potential if you don’t use it in its full potential. . 3. Time under tension. How long does it take you to perform one rep? An exercise can be twice as hard with just tweaking the tut a little bit. Be creative with this factor! Fast positives, no contraction, slow negatives | fast positives, long contraction, slow negatives etc. No need to change up exercises all the time. Just use this to make them feel “different”. . 4. Too much band / cable work.. instead stick to the big lifts. They’ll 100% sure give you faster results as you’re able to really build up your strength levels with these + they hit multiple muscles at once! Compounds + isolation (cable / band work) is in my opinion the best go for any musclegroup. . Hope these tips are helpful in some way!✨ . ???? Train quads like me! – LINK IN BIO????

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Prez teamed her sports bra with a pair of underwear bottoms in a light pink shade with details in beige and brown. The bottoms boast thick sides that sit low on her frame, leaving her toned abs exposed. She pulled on the side of her underwear for the photo, adding extra spiciness to it.

Pres stood with her legs slightly apart in a way that put her famous thighs front and center. She lifted one leg off the floor slightly to further showcase her quad muscles.

Unsurprisingly, the post was an immediate success with her fans. Within an hour of going live, the photo has attracted more than 11,000 likes and upwards of 160 comments, suggesting it will continue to rake in interactions in the coming hours. Users of the social media platform flocked to rave about her physique and to express their admiration for Prez.

“Said it on once say it again FITNESS GODDESS Proveing [sic] strong is sexy af,” one user wrote.

“Quad queen,” replied another fan, adding a fire and a heart-eyes emoji at the end of the comment.

“Amazing Physique,” a third fan added, trailing the words with a screaming and a red heart emoji.