T-Mobile ‘UnCarrier’ Now Offering Contract Free Plans For Existing Customers

T-Mobile Contract Free

T-Mobile has announced the ability for existing customers to take advantage of its UnCarrier contract-free pricing.

Under the new plan, customers are not required to sign a standard two-year contract to receive contract type pricing. The plan is especially good for iPhone, Android, and other smartphone customers who bring their own mobile device to the table.

In its never ending attempt to undercut other providers, T-Mobile is offering a nice package that includes unlimited calls, unlimited texts, and 500MB of tethering-enabled data allowance all for $50. Customers can pay an additional $10 to push their data up to 2GB and another $10 for every additional 2GB. Usage that goes beyond a customer’s allowance is throttled down to 2G speeds.

The announcement arrives just days before T-Mobile is expected to switch on its 4G LTE network during a scheduled press release. The new high-speed mobile network will allow T-Mobile to more closely compete with Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint Wireless in specific metropolitan areas.

T-Mobile is also offering a new unlimited 4G LTE plan that costs $70 per month. The company’s unlimited 4G data plan also includes 500MB worth of Smartphone Mobile Hotspot service. Hotspot service can be extended for an additional charge.

The new price plans are now available online and through T-Mobile resellers including Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores.


T-Mobile has been making a major push to attract unlocked cell phone customers to its service. The company is owned by overseas telecom giant Deutsche Telekom and overseas customers often accept lower pricing off-contract by bringing their own full priced smartphones to the table.

TMobile Contract Free Plans

Will you be jumping over to the T-Mobile platform and its new “Uncarrier” mobile service or perhaps its new unlimited 4G option?