‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Victoria Fuller Says Peter Weber’s Always ‘In A Mood’ & He Feels She’s Attacking Him

Francisco RomanABC

Monday night, Peter Weber will head to Peru with his final six ladies on The Bachelor. Spoilers from a preview shared by Good Morning America tease that he will spend some one-on-one time with Victoria Fuller. However, the two might have a hard time making the most of this opportunity by the looks of things.

The Bachelor spoilers indicate that Peter and Victoria will spend some time together during a group date. While he has several individual dates during Monday night’s show, Victoria ends up on a three-on-one that also includes Kelley Flanagan and Hannah Ann Sluss.

According to ABC, this group date will feature Peter, Victoria, Kelley, and Hannah Ann spending time at a chapel in Lima, Peru, that is 250-years-old. The Bachelor spoilers indicate that he will have two roses to give out during this outing and the two who do get roses also get hometown dates. One lady will be eliminated and head home.

Viewers have seen that it hasn’t been entirely easy between Peter and Victoria throughout this experience. He is clearly quite attracted to her, but they have had their fair share of difficult moments trying to build their relationship as well. Based on the GMA sneak peek released Monday morning, that’s going to continue.

As the clip begins, Peter acknowledges that he and Victoria have faced some challenges, and he notes that their last one-on-one ended with them in something of a weird spot. The Bachelor spoilers share that he admits this all has him a bit confused.

Victoria pushes back, questioning why this is how he wants to use the time they have together. She says that he always seems to be in a mood with her, and it’s frustrating her as she doesn’t know how to move forward.

Peter caresses her arm as she expresses this, and he tells her he’s sorry she feels this way. The two of them stumble and talk over one another a bit, and he says that he doesn’t know why she’s attacking him. This ruffles Victoria’s feathers, and Peter lets out a big sigh as the two continue to struggle in expressing their feelings.

Does this mean that Peter will end up sending Victoria home? Based on The Bachelor spoilers previously detailed by gossip king Reality Steve, Victoria gets a rose on this date.

The Bachelor spoilers hint that there is plenty of additional drama ahead with Episode 7 airing on Monday night. Fans have had plenty to say about Peter’s season so far, and it looks like they’ll probably have a lot of thoughts about how this conversation goes as well.