Duane 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Chapman & Moon Angell No Longer Living Together

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Dog's Most Wanted star Duane Chapman appears to have made a significant change in his personal life. Just last week he went on The Dr. Oz Show with his gal pal Moon Angell and talked about the relationship between the two that's developed since his wife Beth Chapman died last summer.

As Dog and Moon explained during their appearance, she had moved her things into his home. They said that Moon had put her things in Beth's closet, but she insisted that's because he asked her. Dog found it difficult to see the closet with Beth's things in them.

During their appearance, Dog even floated the idea of marriage to Moon. She was floored by this, and the two went on to insist that there was nothing romantic to their relationship.

Dog the Bounty Hunter fans know that Moon was Beth's personal assistant and was even in the couple's wedding. Given that, any romantic relationship would certainly raise eyebrows. In fact, Dog's daughter Lyssa was quite outspoken about this relationship and was recently arrested in what was said to be an outburst related to the family drama.

Now, according to TMZ, Dog and Moon had a serious conversation last week about the state of things. Moon has since moved her things out of the Colorado house, and the reality star is living there on his own.

Sources tell the outlet, however, that there was nothing dramatic about this. Dog is said to be thankful for the support Moon has given him since Beth died, and the two are still on good terms. Supposedly, her living in his home was always intended to be temporary and something she did to help Dog during his toughest days.

Now, Dog seemingly has told Moon that he is feeling ready to move on and this was the sign for her to move out. Instead of mourning over an empty closet, Dog is apparently putting his own things in there now.

Even though Moon has moved out of Dog and Beth's Colorado home, she isn't going too far away. Sources say she's staying in Colorado and will continue to support Dog as needed.

Despite the deep grief that Dog has been working through since Beth's death, insiders say that he is feeling better and is starting to look toward the future. While there is said to be some uncertainty surrounding the future of Dog's Most Wanted, he is apparently hopeful that he'll have the chance to return to reality television.

Will this change with Moon lead to a reconciliation for him with Lyssa? That much isn't known yet, and many Dog the Bounty Hunter fans assume he will still have some tough days ahead as Dog continues to mourn Beth's death. However, the decision to have Moon move out seems like a positive step forward for the star.