Tim Tebow Delivers Pep Talk To Wichita State Basketball Team

Tim Tebow has some advice for the Wichita State basketball team — enjoy the ride.

The Shockers pulled off one of the 2013 NCAA Tournament’s biggest upsets when they knocked off the No. 1 seed Gonzaga Bulldogs on Saturday. As the team was coming home after advancing to the Sweet Sixteen, their bus happened to run into the NFL quarterback at Mid-Continent Airport in Wichita.

Tim Tebow’s plane had stopped there to re-fuel, and somehow he got invited onto the Shockers’ team bus to deliver some words to the players.

“This you will remember for the rest of your lives,” Tebow told them. “You will never forget it, guys. These are the special times of your lives, regardless of what you do in the future. So, I just want to say congrats. You are an inspiration to so many people.”

Tebow would know something about college glory days. Considered one of the best college quarterbacks of all time, he led Florida to a national championship and earned himself the Heisman Trophy.

Tebow has something else in common with Wichita State — a knack for an upset. At the end of his first season as a starter, after Tebow took the team on an unlikely run to the playoffs, he led them to an upset of the heavily favored Pittsburgh Steelers.

After the pep talk from Tim Tebow, the Wichita State Shockers made their way to their home arena, where a large crowd was waiting to welcome them home. As the team arrived, the crowd began chanting “Sweet Sixteen! Sweet Sixteen!”

If Wichita State continues its unlikely run, Tim Tebow might not be on board for too long. His alma mater of Florida sits in the opposite side of the bracket, and with a few more upsets for each team they could be meeting in the national championship game.