‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Carly Confronts Brando About The Shooting

General Hospital star Laura Wright.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

The Corinthos family is under attack and now Sonny is scrambling to figure out how to stop Cyrus Renault from doing it again. Carly is also doing her best to get as much information as possible, and the first place she will head is General Hospital. Soap Central indicates that she will be trying to get to the bottom of things, and that means she will start with Brando, the man who saved her life.

The three shootings came out of nowhere last week, and this had many in Port Charles very concerned about whether there will be another one. The shootings were not the only surprise that occurred. Gladys’ son, who she said had died, was found alive and well after taking a bullet that was meant for Carly. She is grateful that he was there right at that time, but that also brings up the question of why he was there in the first place. Now that Brando has recovered enough to be released from the hospital, Carly will be confronting him on the situation.

In the previews for Monday’s show, the two will be having a chat. Carly will point-blank ask Brando if he knew who she was when he stepped in to save her. What will his answer be? Is there more to it than him just being at the right place at the right time?

Gladys insisted that she didn’t know he would be in town. It looks like he arrived to find her after seeing her photo with Dev. General Hospital spoilers tease that Brando will be meeting his “son” and that he will go along with the whole lie that Dev is his child.

Fans are anxious to know if Brando is somehow connected to the mob war that is happening. Sonny and Jason are busy trying to figure out how to protect their loved ones and others in Port Charles from getting in the line of fire if it should happen again. Cyrus is serious on wanting to take over Sonny’s territory, but he may not be working alone. There have been rumors that Cyrus is not really the head mobster who has a hit out on the Corinthos family.

Carly wants to be let in on what Sonny and Jason find out, and she will certainly spill the beans on whatever Brando confesses to her about the night of the shootings. He could turn out to be a General Hospital villain instead of Carly’s hero.