Jinger Duggar's Husband, Jeremy Vuolo, Gets Sentimental About Daughter Felicity On Instagram

Kim Brandow

Jinger Duggar has been around plenty of kids growing up with 18 brothers and sisters at home before she married Jeremy Vuolo. Now the Counting On couple are raising their 1-year-old daughter Felicity together and enjoying every moment of it. Both of them love to share photos and thoughts of life with their firstborn on social media, and Jeremy's latest post seems to have all the feels of being daddy's little girl.

Taking to his Instagram a few days ago, Jeremy Vuolo wrote a sentimental note about his special moments with Felicity. The picture that he shared is of himself sitting down at his desk in front of his laptop. He is staring intently at the screen as he has Felicity sitting in his lap. The Duggar grandchild has a more serious look on her sweet face than what she typically has in other photos. She is staring at something in the distance with her big eyes. She isn't laughing like usual or fussing at all. Felicity is just sitting there appearing to be quite content just to be with her dad.

In the caption, Jinger Duggar's hubby expressed how much he loves getting down and playing with his daughter as they make special memories together. He then went on to say that just sitting there quietly with her on his lap is something that he also loves. He indicates that he wants to enjoy every single moment with her before she grows up.

Duggar fans loved the Instagram snap as they expressed how much they love the father-daughter moment that he shared with them.

"Such sweet words from a dad," one of his followers said.

"Love every moment because they grow so fast! She looks so much like you Jeremy in this pic," another fan said.

Jinger and Jeremy are enjoying as many things as possible in the past few months since moving to Los Angeles. They have expressed what an amazing place it is as they seem to fit right in with their new life.

Jinger Duggar had recently shared a photo of her and Felicity taking a winter stroll in L.A. Both girls rocked their outfits as they posed for the pic. The reality star has been upping her game when it comes to fashion since moving, and fans love it.