Actress Julia Butters Brought A Turkey Sandwich To The Oscars Because She Doesn’t Like Their Food

actress julia butters in pink dress
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Many are hailing 10-year-old actress Julia Butters for having the best accessory of the night: a turkey sandwich. The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood starlet explained that she was not overly fond of the food offerings at this year’s Oscars, and accordingly decided to sneak the snack in via her clutch, according to The Daily Mail.

“I don’t like some of the food here,” the youngster confessed, explaining her decision to bring along her own meal.

However, Butters made it clear that she did want to come across as ungrateful, adding that it was her “lifelong” dream to attend the prestigious industry event. Unsurprisingly, the 10-year-old certainly looked excited at being invited and wore a pretty pink ruffled ensemble to the event.

However, though many fans are cheering the move, there might be one person not quite as happy hearing the revelation: her purse designer. The turkey sandwich was stuffed into a clutch made by Marzook that reportedly cost $2,495.

Butters might not be the only ceremony attendee to frown at the menu, as it is reportedly 70 percent plant-based.

The menu has dramatically changed from its inaugural event back in 1929, when the food offerings were much more traditional, according to Business Insider. Back then, guests could expect to feast on items such as broiled chicken on toast or fish sautéed in butter, with sides that included green beans and potatoes. The dessert was a simple cake with ice cream.

Food slowly became more and more refined throughout the years, with the ’70s ushering in a love of French dining that lasted at the Oscars for decades. In 1993, the Oscars made the foray into using celebrity chefs, and Wolfgang Puck was brought in to organize the feast.

However, the focus this year is less luxury and more sustainability. The academy issued a press release emphasizing its commitment to ecologically friendly food choices, and the menu is almost entirely vegan with dishes based on roasted vegetables such as eggplant, mushrooms, and beets.

However, Puck pointed out that many dishes at the awards show in the past had been plant based, even though it was not advertised in the past.

“We always had a lot of vegan dishes, we just never talked about it,” he said.

One figure that may have been behind the eco-food push was none other than Joker nominee Joaquin Phoenix, who is also a vegan advocate. The actor also recently released a short film on the climate crisis, as was previously reported by The Inquisitr.