Fitness Model Krissy Cela Flaunts Her Fit Physique In A Black Bra And Thong For Post About Food

Krissy revealed that people often tell her that she looks like she doesn't eat.

Krissy Cela takes a selfie.
Krissy Cela / Instagram

Krissy revealed that people often tell her that she looks like she doesn't eat.

Fitness model Krissy Cela shared some real talk about her relationship with food in her latest Instagram update. The British bombshell also showed off her athletic figure in a bra and thong.

On Sunday, Krissy took to Instagram to address the critics who think that she deprives herself of food. According to the petite powerhouse, some people believe that there’s no way that her waist can be so tiny unless she’s on a diet that severely limits her caloric intake.

However, the 25-year-old personal trainer revealed that she loves food, and she doesn’t personally believe in following restrictive diets. Krissy confessed that she used to obsess over what she was eating all the time, but now she doesn’t worry about enjoying occasional treats like fries and pizza. According to Krissy, constantly counting calories and keeping up with her body measurements was stressful, and she came to the conclusion that this way of living simply “was not sustainable.”

Krissy’s post included videos that showed the skinny-shamers that she really does eat foods like fish tacos, macaroni and cheese, fries, and pepperoni pizza. In the first video, she was shown rocking a black sports bra and a black high-cut thong. She slowly moved around to show off her athletic form from different angles, and she struck a few different poses.

Krissy’s skimpy ensemble perfectly showcased her tiny waist, washboard abs, shapely thighs, and pert posterior. She also flexed both of her bulging biceps as she smiled at the camera. The fitness model was letting her natural beauty shine by wearing minimal or no makeup, and she styled her dark blond hair down in natural waves.

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“Do you even eat to have a waist that small” Yeah I EAT…. I LOVE food and I will never be the person who’s going to tell you to live off green smoothie bowls and air (no offence to smoothie bowls they are delicious too but ya get me familia) I love cooking! I love feeding myself and my loved ones. I love eating! I love enjoying life and that’s what Life is about for me. I spent way too long fearing a slice of pizza and fries, I spent way toooo long obsessing over calories and inches. Let me tell you something, it gave me anxiety and it was not sustainable! I eat wholesome food and I also love treats! Yes I do eat pizza and fries and I love a good taco here and there… but I also train hard and love my veggies alll of them! I will never be the person who tells you to cut out carbs and I will never be the person who will tell you to survive on next to nothing. I created the @toneandsculptapp with YOU and your lifestyle in mind. We have a in house nutritionist @believeinhealth who gives her all into making sure you’re eating delicious food. Enjoy life! Train for your body and mind! Cook for your soul and loved ones! Enjoy a treat here and there and be PRESENT no more anxiety. Happy Sunday familia I love you ????

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Krissy later took to the comments section of her post to clarify her remarks about food. She revealed that she wanted to make it clear that she was “not promoting fast food and junk.”

“I’m just out here trying to help women understand that life isn’t about a six pack and thin air (unless you want it to be) life is about being mentally and physically healthy / happy and also being present and enjoying the things that make you happy in life without ALWAYS feeling so guilty,” Krissy wrote. “Moderation, consistency and being happy is key.”

As of this writing, Krissy’s 1.9 million Instagram followers have showed her how much they appreciate her post about her relationship with food by rewarding it with over 89,000 likes.

“Thank you for being you, Krissy. No quick fixes, just REAL and HONEST and beautiful because of it,” read one response to her post.

In addition to sharing her nutrition advice, Krissy also helps her fellow health and fitness enthusiasts by providing them with plenty of workout ideas. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, one of her Instagram videos shows her demonstrating a full-body workout for her fans.