Michael Bloomberg Plans To Slam Donald Trump On Business Deals After Golf Course Ad Ridiculing Trump’s Weight

Andrew BurtonGetty Images

As other Democrats in the 2020 presidential election campaign continue to attack each other over such issues as who takes more contributions from billionaires, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has taken direct aim at Donald Trump in a series of political ads and public statements in which he appears to troll Trump over his wealth, or alleged lack of it, and his weight.

On Sunday, in an interview published by the political site Axios, Bloomberg outlined his next line of attack against Trump, suggesting that he will strike directly at Trump’s record of failed business deals — drawing a contrast with his own record as “a multibillionaire who built a multinational company,” according to Axios reporter Jonathan Swan.

In the interview, Bloomberg appeared to say that Trump is not actually a “businessman,” but would instead be categorized as “a real estate promoter.”

Because a “real estate promoter” is able to simply do one deal with a customer after which he “is never going to see that customer ever again,” Trump tries only to “get the best deal for himself,” Bloomberg said.

A “businessman,” according to Bloomberg, must always “leave something on the table for the other side” in order to retain partners and customers.

In an interview with CBS News on Friday, Bloomberg also hinted that he may attack Trump’s personal wealth in which he suggested that Trump is not, in fact, a billionaire as he claims. As seen in the video below, when asked whether voters want to see “two billionaires fighting,” Bloomberg quipped, “Who’s the second one?”

Though Trump himself has claimed that he holds a personal net worth of approximately $10 billion, and Forbes Magazine assesses his worth at $3.1 billion, one investigative journalist who has authored two books about Trump says that even the Forbes figure overstates Trump’s wealth.

“There is not now and never has been a shred of verifiable evidence that Trump is or ever was a billionaire,” reporter and author David Cay Johnston maintains.

In late January, Bloomberg unleashed an advertisement that was apparently designed to deflect criticism that, as Mayor of New York City, he once commissioned Trump to construct a golf course, according to a CNN report.

But as seen in the video above, the ad prominently featured several unflattering photos of Trump on the golf course that seemed intended to draw attention to Trump’s weight and awkward style on the course. In one image, Trump is seen crawling up a slope on his hands and knees, apparently breathing through his mouth.

Bloomberg, CNN reported, intended that ad to annoy Trump who is “decidedly vain and appearance focused,” the report noted. The ads depicted Trump as “out of shape and sort of bumbling,” the reports said.