Devin Brugman Pours Water On Herself While Rocking A Pink Bikini On Instagram

Devin Brugman wears a black dress.
Wendell Teodoro / Getty Images

Devin Brugman has been posting a mixture of bikini pics and snaps of her daily outfits on her Instagram feed lately, and as sizzling as they are, her newest share is arguably the most eye-catching of them all. The sensation was photographed while posing in a tiny pink bikini as she poured a bottle of water on herself.

The model stood outdoors in front of a white brick wall, angling her body toward the camera with her left leg propped out. She lifted the green bottle of Equil mineral water with her right hand and tilted her head back with her lips slightly parted. She poured the water onto her chest, and it flowed down her midriff and thighs, making for a sultry shot to promote the Monday Swimwear brand, of which she is a co-founder.

The bikini was light pink with a classic triangle cut top and matching bottoms with long side strings that fell down her upper thighs. The ensemble left her cleavage on full display and her toned abs were hard to miss.

Devin wore her hair down with strands of her short locks flying in front of her face and the rest cascading around both of her shoulders.

Her makeup included dark mascara, a dash of purple eyeshadow, and pink lipstick.

The photo was taken on a sunny day, and the lighting brought out her nice tan.

The model gave credit to the photographer, Emily Abay, in the tags. According to Abay’s Instagram bio, she’s a fashion photographer based in Sydney, Australia, and recently shot the cover for Sunday Life Magazine.

Unfortunately, the Instagram post was removed shortly after this story was published.

The bombshell’s followers headed to the comments section to share their enthusiastic compliments, which proved that the photo was a huge hit.

“JESUS CHRIST I WASNT [sic] READY,” gushed a fan.

“I think I just got a third degree burn,” joked a second social media user.

“*The pic of Leo in Wolf of Wall Street biting his fist,*” wrote a supporter.

“I’m crying, you’re perfect!!” raved an admirer.

In addition, Devin posted another bikini pic on her page four days ago, and that time, she rocked a bright yellow ensemble. The model was outside at the beach and stood in front of a food stand next to a basket of lemons and limes. She wore dark sunglasses and played with her hair, looking down to her left with a smile on her face. The bikini was from Monday Swimwear and her sunglasses were from Vehla Eyewear.