WWE News: Former Tag Team Champions Say They Want Creative Control

It is no secret that many superstars don't have a lot of say over their characters as WWE is going to lead them in directions that they believe will work. The Revival has had moderate success during their run, but it's obvious that they are wanting out of the company to move on elsewhere. Now, they realize they may have to stay until their contracts are up, but if that's the case, they'd like more creative control.

For someone to have more say on their own character and gimmick in WWE, they'll either need to be very successful or have a brilliant idea. Other than that, most of the ideas, storylines, and success will come from the minds and pens of the creative team of writers in the promotion.

Last year, The Revival requested their releases from WWE with the hope that they'd be granted and allowed to work elsewhere. It may be needless to say, but Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder were not released and are still having to work out the remainder of their contracts.

Recently, The Revival requested their releases again and still, nothing has come from them. This has led many fans to speak out against them, and one recently ripped on the tag team for acting as if they're unhappy when they don't have the championship belts.

Scott Dawson responded on Twitter and set the record straight by saying that titles aren't all they're wanting.

During their time in WWE, they have had quite a bit of success when it comes to championship reigns. They held the NXT Tag Team Championship on two occasions during their run with the yellow brand. Since being called up to the main roster, they have held the Raw titles twice, the SmackDown titles once, and the WWE 24/7 Championship on one occasion.

They've been successful at times and vastly underutilized at others, but it appears as if their decision to leave WWE is already made up. Last year, they turned down new offers to them which were 5-year deals for $500,000 a year.

According to Booker T, as reported by 411 Mania, they even turned down a recent offer from WWE which would have paid them $700,000 per year. The Hall of Famer believes they should just take the money, but it doesn't seem as if high pay is all they're after.

The Revival stand tall in the ring.

The Revival's contracts reportedly expire in April, but Dash Wilder reportedly had time added onto his due to missed time because of injuries. The WWE superstars have dropped hints about heading to All Elite Wrestling numerous times on social media, but they can't do anything until their deals are up. Now, it remains to be seen, but if they had more creative control, perhaps they'd be willing to stick around a bit longer.