'Real Housewives' Star Fools Viewers With 'Designer Lifestyle,' Wealth: Shocking Put-Ons Uncovered

It comes as no surprise that the Real Housewives franchise is packed with set-up drama and several women who are full of themselves. What about when it comes to the stars and their over-the-top success? Is it all their own image? There have been examples of several stars living beyond their means on the shows and fans learning about it when it hits news. Someone is in debt or resorting to criminal activity to maintain a certain standard of living.

Well, now there's more on this front. At least one star with the Bravo network has reportedly raked in $600,000 to shoot four months worth of episodes, not including other payments for wardrobe and other fake demands from the network.

Radaronline obtained a contract from Bravo that reveals some of the additional benefits there are to being a Housewives star. The entertainment site also reports that an anonymous housewife's "base salary" on a recent season was $300,000.

So, what details does this mysterious Real Housewives star have in her contract? According to Radar, the housewife would "receive separate fees to help create the illusion of a designer lifestyle, including a $100,000 'wardrobe fee' and another $100,000 for a 'location fee.'"

Even "extra" incentives to bring on the drama is rewarded with a fat bonus of $50,000 for "on-camera services fee."

How about the catfights that include the star's friends and family? This particular star's contract pays $25,000 to "ease any embarrassment."

The nameless star didn't earn the money all at once. The report states $49,500 was handed out in five installments over the course of four months; the pending payment of $27,500 is paid out 15 weeks after the season's premiere episode -- or after the reunion taping.

The contract ordered the star continue to "fudge the facts by 'looping and dubbing' audio after filming."

A contract of this magnitude does require even more in return from the star. A "Reality Hold" is added to the agreement, "a ban from appearing as herself on a reality-based unscripted show until at least three months after the season wrapped — and even then she was asked to get permission from Bravo bosses."

Does any of this surprise you?

A lot of reports regarding the salaries of Real Housewives cast members have been in the press lately. As MStars reports, Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Jaqueline Laurita, will be making $850,000 if she returns full-time to the series. The Inquisitr has covered a series of articles about salaries of these reality stars.

[Image via Bravo TV]