NFL Rumors: Colts Owner Jim Irsay May Have Hinted That Andrew Luck Is Coming Out Of Retirement

Andrew Luck walks off the field after an NFL preseason game.
Michael Hickey / Getty Images

Andrew Luck’s retirement from the NFL came as a major shock, but Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay may have just hinted at something even more shocking — a return to the field after just one season of retirement.

Irsay sparked speculation with what fans saw as a cryptic tweet on Saturday, trying to encourage fans but appearing to many to drop hints about Luck potentially returning.

“Colts Nation- The Horseshoe is good Luck… between 2006-2012/6 short years… 2 Home AFC Championship wins and hosting a L.O.S. Super Dylan says’We can’t help it..if we’re Lucky’…and the beat goes on- Temptations,” he wrote.

Many fans took notice of the fact that Irsay purposely capitalized the word “Luck” two times in the tweet, and appeared to be hinting at better times ahead after the team struggled in the first year of Luck’s retirement.

There had already been speculation at the time of Luck’s surprise retirement during the 2019 preseason that he may find his way back to the field. Luck is only 30-years-old and seemed to have many good years ahead of him when he decided to hang up the cleats, but had also suffered through a series of very serious injuries that had cut short his final seasons. Luck said he was at peace with his decision when it was announced ahead of the 2019 season.

Some fans wondered if Irsay might have some inside information about Luck’s potential return. At the time he initially retired, Luck had first gone to Irsay to inform the Colts owner of his plans, but Irsay encouraged him to give more thought to the decision. As NESN reported, Luck decided to heed Irsay’s advice and went through training camp and the preseason, but never wavered on his initial decision.

“Luck reported for training camp, but not really — he mostly rehabbed and worked on his own with personal quarterback coach Tom House, while Jacoby Brissett took all of the reps with the starting offense and acted as the team leader,” the report noted. “Luck held out on the decision as long as he could, but his mind was obviously made up. The fans didn’t see Luck’s retirement coming, but the Colts’ upper brass sure did.”

If Andrew Luck were to come back, it would likely solve one of the biggest questions for the Colts in the 2020 offseason. The team is reportedly trying to decide whether to stick with Brissett as the starter or to find a replacement.