Natasha Parker Makes Out With ‘Bachelor’ Peter Weber In Steamy Instagram Photo

'Everyone wants to know what lipstick Pedro is wearing’s called mine,' Natasha Parker captioned the photo.

Natasha Parker looks on.
Eric McCandless / ABC Press

'Everyone wants to know what lipstick Pedro is wearing’s called mine,' Natasha Parker captioned the photo.

Natasha Parker has made her way into Bachelor Peter Weber’s final six ladies. While she certainly had her doubts about him earlier on in the show after he made the decision to bring back Alayah Benavidez after he’d already sent her home, she seems to have forgiven him and rekindled their earlier connection. Last week, she flaunted that connection by posting a steamy Instagram photo making out with him during the group date.

The photo was taken in Santiago, Chile in the midst of the creation of a telenovela called El Amor de Pedro during which the girls, all playing a different character, tried to win over Weber’s heart and get some action in with him at the same time. In the photo, Parker wears a sparkling green dress as she passionately makes out with Weber. Weber is dressed in his pilot’s uniform for added effect. The passionate kiss resulted in Parker’s makeup getting smeared all over Weber’s face, which she also included a photo of.

“Everyone wants to know what lipstick Pedro is wearing tonight. It’s called MINE by Natasha,” she wrote in the caption, including the hashtag #meow.

Along with Parker, Weber still has five other suitors, including Hannah Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett, Victoria Fuller, Kelley Flanagan, and Kelsey Weier. As The Inquisitr previously reported, this hasn’t been a very smooth season as it has been packed full of drama, fighting, and lots of tension. It even resulted in some scandals surrounding some of the contestants’ pasts. But one thing that hasn’t happened yet this season is that the ending hasn’t been leaked.

Reality television blogger, Reality Steve, typically has pretty accurate predictions and he has the ending narrowed down to the final two women. He believes Weber will choose either Sluss or Prewett but isn’t sure which. Fans, of course, have their own theories, one of which is based on Weber’s Venmo activity. Fans that were particularly good sleuths were able to figure out that Weber and Sluss’s Venmo accounts have been marked as private, thus only people they are friends with are able to see their transactions. Prewett’s account, however, is still public.

“I did some detective work last week and Pilot Pete is friends with Hannah Ann on Venmo. So I’m calling it that she will be the winner,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Hannah Ann won the bachelor because she’s the only one with a private Venmo so we can’t see their transactions and she posts the same golf bag that Peter has,” one person pointed out.