‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Shares Blooper Reel & Fans Want More

The Young And Restless cast.
Sonja Flemming / CBS

The Young and the Restless celebrated Victor Newman actor Eric Braeden’s 40th anniversary on the soap last Friday. During the ceremony, actresses Amelia Heinle and Melissa Ordway, who portray Victor’s daughters, Victoria and Abby respectively, shared a hilarious blooper reel. Eric gave viewers a treat when he tweeted the link and thanked the actresses, and fans absolutely loved the candid, behind-the-scenes moments.

The first scene in the blooper video showed Victor in character.

“You realize, of course, that what I’m about to say doesn’t make any sense,” he said. That moment set the tone for the entire series of hilarious moments featuring the actor laughing his way through what were serious moments on the show.

The next clip shows a much younger Eric alongside his co-star, Melody Thomas Scott, who portrays Nikki. The line, “the sea got him, and the sea kept him,” cracked up the actor. Multiple times Victor attempted to say the line, and Eric would fall into laughter with each attempt. To Melody’s credit, she kept Nikki looking serious each time as the camera panned over to her dramatic face.

In another scene, Victor held baby Victoria while Nikki stood beside him. Victor asked his young daughter if she would get better for daddy, and she pointed to the cue cards off-screen. Eric and Melody cracked up along with the others on set when Eric told the little actress that he didn’t work with cards anymore.

The next clip showed Victor and Jack (Peter Bergman) discussing a computer virus. Eric continued the dialogue, but then made a joke about the virus giving them all diarrhea. Both actors cracked up as Eric said a few choice words that got bleeped.

In a throwback featuring previous Adam Newman actor Justin Hartley, Victor wore a piece of sod as a hat. The two men laughed from the beginning at the absurdity of the whole scene. Something about daycare really tickled Eric’s funny bone. In another scene with the two men, they shared champagne next to a Christmas tree. After they took a drink, Eric spat his out because it tasted so bad.

Then, Victor yelled at Victoria, asking her how she could fall for a loser like that, and Victoria tried to look serious. However, Amelia broke character and began laughing, causing everybody else to giggle along with her.

One scene in the video appears to be from the coming weeks after the big Newman Enterprises’ 50th Anniversary gala. In it, Victor tries to tell Paul (Doug Davidson) that Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) had as much to do with it as Ripley Turner (Christian Keyes), but Eric stumbled over the name several times, leading to laughter from the whole group. Nikki, Nick (Joshua Morrow), Abby (Melissa Ordway), Adam (Mark Grossman), and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) are also in the scene.

In another throwback clip, Victor and Nikki stand before somebody who has the test results, but Eric said, “It sounded like you had the testicles.” That led to peals of laughter.

Recently, Victor told Nick about the risks of an experimental treatment he underwent for his rare blood disease. In the blooper, Eric could not say “diminished mental capacity,” and he and Joshua had a good time laughing through the line several times.

In the final clip, Victor is in a hospital room beside somebody in the bed, and Nikki looks in from outside. However, Eric completely breaks character and talks about how lucky they are to do what they do each day. He does have some choice words for those in the booth, though.

“That was fantastic. That had me laughing out loud. Congratulations again, sir!” replied one viewer.

“I could watch bloopers all day. Thank you for sharing!” another fan wrote.

“That was so funny you guys should do a bloopers show. I bet you that it would be hilarious. Thanks for sharing. Happy 40th,” suggested a third viewer.

“You’ve got me laughing. Those bloopers, oh man, I have the right to tears from my eyes, LOL,” a fourth wrote.