Lindsey Pelas Exposes Her Cleavage In Off-The-Shoulder Ensemble

Lindsey Pelas poses for a photograph
Courtesy Photo

On Sunday, February 9, Lindsey Pelas wowed her 9.1 million Instagram followers with a sexy selfie that showed off her bust.

The Louisiana-born model stared straight ahead at the camera in the seductive shot, her green eyes flashing. She wore her icy platinum hair down, transcending into wavy tresses once it reached her tanned shoulders.

The selfie, which was taken from the chest up, featured Lindsey wearing an off-the-shoulder outfit, which greatly exposed the model’s “genetically gifted” curvaceous cleavage. In fact, the top seemed to almost be sliding off of her, and her bust almost spilled out of it. The white ensemble not only made Lindsey’s sun-kissed skin appear even more radiant, but it perfectly matched the bouquet of white roses that she showed off in the background.

She filled in her eyebrows with a light brown pencil, and they framed her face gorgeously. If she wore any eyeshadow, it either matched her skin or was muted by the elegance of her thick lashes. Both her bottom and top lashes were coated with black mascara and fanned out perfectly, making the whites of her eyes look bright and shiny, especially in contrast with her glowing skin tone.

She wore bronzer on her cheeks, which only served to make herself look even more sun-kissed, if possible. Her plump pout seemed to be the focal point of the look. Her lips were lined with a brick-colored lip pencil and were filled in with a deep, dusty rose lipstick.

Lindsey’s followers couldn’t get enough of the picture and flocked to the comments section to praise the model on her look. While some commented simply with strings of heart-eye and heart emoji, others had to tell her how they felt in words.

Since Lindsey was promoting the roses in her post, many commented in response to her caption about the “pretty flowers,” with some even expressing that they paled in comparison to her own good looks.

“Gorgeous flowers for a perfect woman,” one follower wrote.

“[You] are so beautiful, those flowers don’t stand a chance next to your beauty,” said a fan.

Others were just stunned by Lindsey’s look as a whole.

“ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL,” commented a user in all-caps.

“The makeup on fleek,” complimented a fan, adding a lipstick emoji.

As The Inquisitr reported, Lindsey frequently shares risqué images of herself on her Instagram grid and in her Instagram story. On Saturday, she posted a selfie video wearing a plunging top that showcased her cleavage.