Anna Duggar Questioned Over Photos Of Sons Playing With Nerf Guns And Daughter Holding Baby

Fans wanted to know if Anna's daughters got to play, too.

Josh and Anna Duggar pose for a selfie together.
Josh Duggar / Twitter

Fans wanted to know if Anna's daughters got to play, too.

Anna Duggar shared a set of cute family snapshots on social media, but they left some fans wondering if her daughters are allowed to play the same way her sons are.

On Saturday, Anna took to Instagram to share the slideshow of four photos with her 927,000 followers. In the first image, her three daughters were pictured posing together, and they were all dressed up. Her oldest daughter, 10-year-old Mackynzie, was wearing a dark velvet dress with a ruffle on the skirt. She was holding her little sister, 2-month-old Maryella, in the crook of one arm.

The infant was also rocking velvet. However, her outfit was a burgundy onesie with a ruffle accent. Maryella was wearing a headband adorned with a matching wine-colored bow, and she had a pair of tan leather boots on her feet. Meredith, 4, was standing next to Mackynzie. She was wearing a yellow floral print dress, and she had a sparkly yellow bow barrette in her hair.

Anna and Josh Duggar’s three sons each got a separate photo. Unlike their sisters, they were dressed in casual clothing like T-shirts and sweatpants. Marcus, 6, was proudly showing off a colorful LEGO creation in his solo snapshot. Mason, 2, was pictured shooting a foam Nerf dart at the camera, while Michael, 8, posed with two Nerf guns. He was holding one of the toys and wearing the other stuck in the waistband of his sweatpants.

In the caption of her post, Anna revealed that the photos were taken at the home of her husband’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. She also wrote that her kids kept themselves entertained over the weekend with LEGOs and “Nerf gun wars.” However, some of her followers were quick to note that her sons were the only children pictured playing with toys.

“Did the girls get to play too?” read one response to Anna’s post.

“Why didn’t the girls play?” another fan asked.

Others suggested that Anna’s first photo is evidence that she’s training her oldest daughter to help care for her younger children.

“Oh god!!! Starting them young!!! Take care of your own baby!!!” one of Anna’s followers remarked.

In response to the critical commenter, many of Anna’s supporters were quick to jump to her defense. They pointed out that the critic was making assumptions based off of one photo, and they argued that Mackynzie may simply like holding her baby sister.

“Yes but notice how the boys are playing and the girls are well… Not,” read one response to Anna’s defenders.

So far, Anna hasn’t responded to the questions about whether her daughters also got to play.

Anna isn’t the only member of the Duggar family whose parenting practices have been questioned in response to a photo. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Derick Dillard faced a backlash from critics on Saturday after he shared a photo of his wife, Jill Duggar, washing dishes with the couple’s youngest son strapped on her back.