Natalie Roser Throws Her Head Back While Rocking Houndstooth Bikini

Natalie Roser wears a bikini.
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Natalie Roser has been posting updates from Bali since yesterday, and she is continuing to keep her Instagram followers in the know with a new photo set that she shared today. The triple update consisted of two photos and a video, which included a snap of her throwing her head back while rocking a houndstooth bikini.

The model struck the dramatic pose in the second photo of the series, where she was photographed on a modern patio with glass railings. She angled her back to the camera and placed her hands on the low silver handrails behind her. Natalie lifted her chin up while closing her eyes, leaving her voluminous blond blocks flowing over her back and blowing in the wind.

Behind her were palm trees and other tropical foliage, and the cloudy skies added to the moody vibe of the shot.

The bikini featured an extra-large houndstooth print in black-and-white, with bottoms that had a high-rise cut that left much of her booty bare. Her only accessories appeared to be her gold hoop earrings.

On the other hand, the first photo of the set showed the beauty in the same setting except she stood with her right shoulder angled towards the camera. Natalie stood on her toes and glanced over her shoulder with a serious expression on her face, her lips slightly parted. Her hair was worn down in a deep side part, her blond locks glowing in the light.

The final part of the series was a short video clip that revealed the tropical storm that was blowing through the area, as seen through her open hotel windows.

The geotag revealed that she was at the W Bali in Seminyak, which is on the southern coast of Bali.

The sensation’s fans headed to the comments section to discuss the new share.

“Beautiful pictures,” raved an admirer.

“How pretty!!! You are insane,” declared a supporter.

“Love that pattern!” exclaimed a third social media user.

“You are the definition of beauty and glamour,” gushed a follower.

In addition, Natalie posted another photo yesterday that revealed that she had touched down in the tropical paradise. That time, she snapped a selfie inside her hotel room, and rocked a mismatched bikini and a straw hat. The top was an off-the-shoulder piece with long sleeves that she pulled up to her elbows and paired with black bottoms. The stunner glanced at her phone with a hint of a smile and tugged at her top as she snapped the photo.