‘Ascend: New Gods’ Likely Headed To PC

Ascend: New Gods coming to PC eventually

Ascend: New Gods likely won’t be staying with the Microsoft Xbox exclusively. While the game is getting set to be released on the Xbox 306 and most likely the Xbox 720 in the near future, the game’s developers believe it will be heading to the PC before too long.

Signal Studios gave an interview at PAX over the weekend in which the developers said that they were tinkering and working on making the game available on the computer.

The free-to-play game is the first of its kind for Microsoft and seems to be a sign of the times. Mobile gaming platforms have been using the F2P format for a while now.

Dead Space 3 is one of the first games that features an aspect of the F2P format with the introduction of microtransactions. Gears of War: Judgement has rolled out its own version of those as well.

Ascend: New Gods is the first game on the Xbox 360 that is completely F2P. If comments by Signal Studios can be believed, it doesn’t appear that this game was the first because they were the first willing to go that route.

In the same interview, the game’s developers say that early on in the process of making this game they were approached by a Microsoft representative.

The game’s art director, Brandon Gilliam says that the representatives from Microsoft told him that his company needed to make a F2P game that “doesn’t suck.”

In this game, a prophecy has predicted that the Titans are about to lose their power and that one of the three mega-gods will rules all. Your character must swear allegiance to one of the three.

Once you have aligned yourself with one of the Titans you will do battle with the other gods’ minions and eventually the other two Titans as well.

Will Ascend: New Gods suck or is it something you would like to sit down and play?