Woman Sent To Prison For Life For Arranging ‘Medieval Duel’ To The Death Between Her Two Lovers

Joe RaedleGetty Images

A 35-year-old mother has been sent to prison for the rest of her life after arranging what prosecutors described as a “medieval duel” to the death between her husband and another lover — then went out for pizza with the man who had just brutally stabbed her husband to death.

The slaying took place in London last year, after Asta Juskauskiene left her husband for a 25-year-old she met online — a man who served time in a Lithuanian prison for rape. As the Metro reported, Asta ended the relationship with her husband, Giedruis Juskauskas, and started dating Mantas Kvedaras, but her former husband decided he still wanted her.

The crime story grew more bizarre. Asta decided the men should battle it out in an alleyway that was known for drug dealing. As the report noted, Asta told the men that they had to fight, and she would stay with whoever won.

Prosecutors said it was not a fight but instead brutal ambush. The woman’s husband showed up drunk and unarmed, but her lover came armed with a knife. Mantas quickly attacked the woman’s husband, stabbing him a total of 35 times, including one stab wound that went all the way through his neck. A medical examiner found that 11 of the wounds were in rapid succession to the man’s back as he lay defenseless on the ground.

After the brutal slaying, authorities said Mantas took Asta out for pizza to celebrate.

Prosecutors called the battle a “medieval duel” and said the woman’s husband had no idea he was walking into an ambush. Mantas had a reputation for violence while he was in prison for rape, and bragged that he assaulted and stabbed people.

As The Sun reported, Asta had told friends that she developed an obsession with the dangerous Kvedaras and knew about his propensity for violence.

“I think I will play until I get into trouble,” she reportedly told a friend. “I probably like the risks, dangers.”

Asta Juskauskiene was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and perverting the course of justice and was sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum of 24 years behind bars. At sentencing, she was dressed down by Judge Peter Lodder QC.

“You deliberately and cynically lured Mr. Juskauskas into a dark alley where just after midnight you, Mantas, slaughtered this drunk and defenseless man,” he said, via The Sun.

Asta ended up with a longer sentence than the man who actually committed the slaying. Kvedaras was convicted of murder and sentenced to life with a minimum of 22 and a half years behind bars.