Kaley Cuoco Shows Off A Sexy Flight Attendant Look From The Set Of Her Next Project

Amanda EdwardsGetty Images

Kaley Cuoco is one hot flight attendant.

On Saturday, the actress took to Instagram stories to share some video of herself wearing a very formfitting flight attendant’s uniform. The videos showed Kaley getting loose on the set while filming her upcoming project, the aptly named The Flight Attendant. Fans will get the chance to see Kaley rocking the flight attendant gear she showed off in the videos soon, with the show set to debut later this year.

But some who follow her Instagram feed closely may have already seen the uniform. Before the videos she shared this weekend from the set of the show, Kaley took to Instagram to rock the same blue-on-blue uniform as she traveled to Rome for filming.

Kaley serves as both the star and executive producer of the upcoming HBO Max series, which also features her sister, Briana. As Deadline noted when the project was first announced, the show is something of a mystery, with Kaley playing a flight attendant in a strange predicament.

“‘The Flight Attendant’ is a story of how an entire life can change in one night. Kaley Cuoco stars as Cassie, a flight attendant who wakes up in the wrong hotel, in the wrong bed, with a dead man – and no idea what happened,” the report noted.

Kaley seemed to be enjoying working on the series and wanted to make sure that having to show up on a Saturday for filming was fun for her co-stars, too. The videos showed that Kaley set up a candy shop filled with treats for her fellow actors and crew members. She and the other cast members played around with helium balloons, which Kaley used to give herself a high-pitched flight attendant voice.

The videos were the latest glimpse that Kaley has given her followers into the upcoming project. She has also taken to Instagram to share other video and photos from filming, including one this weekend where she rocked a nightshirt — which Kaley said is the only way she will rehearse.

In another Instagram video posted back in December, Kaley told fans that the project was taking a lot out of her but that she was enjoying every minute of it. At the time, Kaley told fans that she had just a few more days of filming before they took a break for the holidays. She appeared weary in the video but said she was grateful for the hard work of everyone involved.

“I’ve never worked like this and I love it, I actually love it,” she shared. “I’m up first thing in the morning, I’m the last person on set – well, not the last, the crew is (amazing crew) – I’m usually the last actor and I honestly love it, but trying to wake up before these calls.”