‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Melody Thomas Scott Shares Throwback All-Time Favorite Cover

Melody Thomas Scott and Eric Braeden of the CBS series THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.
Sonja Flemming / CBS

The Young and the Restless star Melody Thomas Scott shared her all-time favorite magazine cover featuring Victor and Nikki in honor of her co-star Eric Braeden’s 40th anniversary on the soap. Braeden first appeared as Victor Newman on February 8, 1980, and yesterday the show marked the actor’s four decades with a ceremony.

Today, Nikki Newman actress shared a TV Guide cover from early March 1999. It featured a glamorous Nikki laying on a couch looking at the camera with Victor leaning over her and staring lovingly at his wife as he handed her a rose. The cover heralded the 25th anniversary of the No. 1 rated CBS Daytime drama. She noted that at the time, the spot was stunning, but now she feels it’s magical. Scott wrote that she shared it in honor of Braeden’s entry into the 40-year club for Y&R. Scott and their co-star Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) are also members.

Fans appreciated the actress’s throwback post on the popular social media platform. More than 3,000 Instagram users hit the “like” button. Plus, dozens also took a moment to leave a positive comment in the reply section.

Y&R stars Davidson and Lauralee Bell (Christine Williams) chimed in to praise the glamorous photo. They noted how wonderful it is, and Bell pointed out what a tremendous super-couple Nikki and Victor make in Genoa City.

“Surreal to see this photo 21 years later…stunning then and magical now…the photoshoot was magical… you had the feeling that something momentous was happening.. history in the making… epitomizes the Bill Bell era… romance, allure… drama… he retired shortly thereafter…,” replied award-winning publicist Frank X. Tobin who served as Scott’s publicist.

The actress thanked Tobin and expressed her love for the publicist.

“Look at that handsome couple!! Congratulations to Eric on 40 years! We have watched since day one,” wrote one long-time viewer.

“Legends!!! I’ve watched Y&R as long as I can remember, and I’ll never stop. When I was a kid, I used to dream of being on the show, and I used to play soap opera,” another fan remembered.

“I love all these old pictures!! Fan for life,” a third viewer declared.

Scott’s Instagram followers expressed their enjoyment of the throwback cover with various heart and rose emoji pepped among all the replies.

Viewers will get a treat later this month because there will be three episodes on February 18, 19, and 20. They will feature the gala that Nikki organized to celebrate Newman Enterprises’ 50th Anniversary and Victor.