$338 Million Ticket Sold In Trenton, Officials Say

A $338 million ticket sold in New Jersey that was the single Powerball winner in the massive draw Saturday night was purchased in Trenton, state lottery officials revealed.

The $338 million ticket purchased in Trenton will be the subject of a news conference this morning, as is standard in high-profile lottery wins. We don’t yet know whether the lucky winner has chosen to come forward or reveal their identity, as lotto winners often go to great lengths to conceal their good fortune due to the unwanted attention and even danger faced by big-time jackpot wins.

On Sunday, Jersey Lottery officials revealed that the Powerball ticket was purchased in their state, and lottery retailers too hoped the lucky winner was a customer. One Camden convenience store worker told local press: “We are hoping that we sold it here because that would be a blessing for one of our customers in these tough times.”

Toms River resident Teddy Jackson had purchased 40 Powerball slips, but none were the $338 million ticket. Sunday he told reporters that he’s been close, but didn’t score the big win and said:

“There were a few where I had one or two numbers, but that was it… I hope whoever wins does good things with the money.”

Jackson continued:

“It’s OK to buy yourself a few material things and take some trips, but $338 million can do a lot of good things. Help the people who lost their jobs, the ones who got destroyed by (Superstorm) Sandy, the folks dealing with serious medical problems… don’t become one of these stupid people who get a windfall and blow it all.”

ABC reports that the winning $338 million ticket was sold at Love’s Truck & Travel, and that the popular trucker pitstop location likely saw it purchased by a “regular.”