Amber Heard Spotted Cozying Up To Her New Girlfriend, Bianca Butti, At A Pre-Oscars Party

Phillip FaraoneGetty Images

Amber Heard was spotted cozying up to her new girlfriend, Bianca Butti, as a pre-Oscars party, reports E! News.

Per the article, the actress and Butti were photographed holding hands multiple times throughout the night. They were at a party celebrating Parasite, one of the nominated films. It was a party hosted by Vanity Fair and Saint Laurent.

The outlet asserts that the couple was attached at the hip throughout the entire evening, maintaining physical contact even while talking to other party guests.

Both women looked gorgeous and glamorous. Heard rocked a satiny black gown and curled her thick blond locks, she accented her outfit with bright red lipstick. It appeared that she was wearing boots to complement her ensemble. Her girlfriend wore a fitted black blazer over a dapper white blouse with matching black pants and dress shoes. The photo attached to the article shows the pair walking outside while holding hands.

“This is Bianca, my new girlfriend,” Heard allegedly said when she recently introduced Butti to a friend.

The Aquaman actress and the Los Angeles-based cinematographer first ignited romance rumors when they were spotting kissing in Palm Springs last month. The Daily Mail shared photos of the two engaging in PDA outside of a hotel. Not only were they seen sharing multiple passionate kisses, but they were also photographed laughing and flirting together before driving off in Heard’s classic 1968 Mustang.

They were also photographed holding hands a few days later while attending a Women’s Day March in L.A.

Neither Heard or Butti has gone public about their relationship on social media yet. Butti has been documenting her battle with breast cancer after receiving her second diagnosis since 2015. However, even though they haven’t publicly interacted, Heard does follow Butti on her Instagram account.

Fans expressed their happiness and support over the couple on social media. Several people wrote that Amber looked healthy and happy with Butti, and that they were glad to see them out in public together.

“They look so happy together – really glad they found each other, I like Bianca, such a strong woman too,” tweeted one person, adding a red heart emoji to their comment.

“[W]here is das boot She looks incredible as always,” wrote another fan. The “boot” they’re referring to is the ankle boot she’s been sporting for a while after sustaining a broken bone. She wasn’t wearing it at the party.

“I really like Amber and Bianca together,” added a third user.