WWE News: Ric Flair Recalls Final Text Message His Late Son Sent To Him

Ric Flair poses for the fans

Back in 2013, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair experienced a tragedy after he lost his son, Reid, to a drug overdose. While the unfortunate event has been well documented, Flair has opted not to talk about the matter in great detail for the most part. However, on the latest edition of Don’t Tell Me the Score— by way of Wrestling Inc — the legendary superstar opened up about his final text message exchange with Reid, who passed away later that day.

Flair recalled how he was receiving treatment at the hospital at the time, but had urged the staff to let him go so he could go visit his son. The Hall of Famer’s actions that day also received gratitude from Reid, which he shared in his final message to his father.

“I came back from Japan and I had a blood clot in my leg. They won’t let me leave the hospital but I said I have to leave as my son is only home for a couple of days. We were going on the road. They released me to go to the doctor’s office and he put me on blood thinners. My son sends me a text, saying, ‘Dad what would this family be [without you]? You need to be here for all of us.’ And that night he died. I’ve never told anyone that story, except [my wife] Wendy.”

Reid, who was a professional wrestler as well, was 25 when he passed away. As The Inquisitr previously reported, his father found him unconscious in a hotel room in Charlotte, North Carolina. At the time, Reid had been competing for All Japan Pro Wrestling, but there were rumors of him making the jump to WWE — where his sister, Charlotte, currently works.

However, during the interview, Flair also spoke about the highlights of his illustrious wrestling career. He revealed that winning his first title in 1981 was a major highlight of his in-ring career, and that he believes he’s been blessed, having survived a plane accident in 1975. The Hall of Famer was in a reflective mood throughout the conversation, and he was open about the good times as well as the bad ones.

It’s unfortunate that Reid didn’t get to experience the same career heights as his father and sister, however. He was widely considered to be a talented performer with lots of potential in the sports entertainment industry, and his family’s wrestling legacy could have taken him far in WWE.