Nicholas Forman Allegedly Beat His Girlfriend To Death, Called An Uber To Take Her Body To The Hospital


A Pennsylvania man is facing murder charges for allegedly beating his girlfriend to death, recording himself on his cell phone taunting her lifeless body, going about his day for the next several hours, then calling an Uber to take her corpse to the hospital, Philadelphia’s WCAU-TV reports.

Nicholas Forman, 23, is accused of murdering his girlfriend, 23-year-old Sabrina Harooni, in a series of events that played out last Sunday night.

Authorities say that the situation appears to have begun as the two were riding home in an Uber Sunday night. Harooni had apparently joked — at some point before the incident — that she’d received a text message from an old boyfriend, a joke that Forman didn’t seem to find funny at all. The Uber driver would later tell police that, during the drive, Forman continually badgered Harooni to give him her cell phone. The driver said that at one point Harooni told Forman, “you’re scaring me.”

Once they got to their apartment complex, the Uber driver says that he heard the couple continuing to argue. He hung around the area until he couldn’t hear any more arguing — not more than 10 minutes — and drove off.

Later that night, Forman allegedly beat Harooni to death.

As her lifeless body lay on the ground, Forman allegedly took out his cell phone and recorded video of himself taunting her.

“This is what a cheating liar gets. You hear me? Cheating f**king liar,” he said, according to police.

He then allegedly went about his day. His activities that day allegedly included taking Harooni’s body inside, going to sleep, getting up the next morning, taking a shower, and going to court to answer to felony drug charges.

When he finally returned home, he called an Uber to take her lifeless body to the hospital.

“This was not a transportation to help a victim that was struggling with life. This was taking a dead body out of a residence to a hospital,” Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele said.

At the hospital, as workers tried valiantly to save Harooni’s life, authorities say that Forman remained “calm” and tried to give the young woman’s possessions to them.

Once police started asking questions, Forman allegedly said that three young girls attacked Harooni, but that he didn’t intervene because he was on probation. He continued to stick to this story, even as he was being led away in handcuffs, making an obscene gesture to onlookers as he was placed into a patrol car.