‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Victoria Fuller Claims That Peter Weber Almost ‘Dropped’ Her During Their Date

Maarten de BoerABC

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for the current season of The Bachelor

The Bachelor contestant Victoria Fuller has shared some additional details about her one-on-one date with Peter Weber which was seen during the show’s most recent episode.

In her latest Instagram post, Victoria claimed that the Delta Air Lines pilot almost “dropped” her when he picked her up out of a wagon during their time at a ranch in Chile. In the photo, Peter has his arms around her knees as she stands at the edge of the rustic wooden vehicle. Although the two looked picture-perfect in the photo, Victoria also said that she and Peter spilled the wine they were holding at the time.

As of this writing, Victoria’s Instagram post has been liked over 40,000 times, and more than 650 social media users have commented on it. In the comments section, one fan seemed to think that Victoria was crazy to let Peter pick her up after an unfortunate mishap during Monday’s episode.

“You let captain clumsy do this after he bonked his head on the golf cart?” they asked.

Other fans were very enthusiastic about their support for the brunette beauty.

“You are so beautiful and your personality is adorable,” one follower wrote.

Victoria also inspired one person to wax poetic about her beauty and charm.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, Peter would be trippin, if he didn’t choose you,” they wrote. “There’s a lot of girls, but they are wasting their time, a blind man can see, you’re a perfect dime.”

Although there was some behind-the-scenes clumsiness for both, Victoria and Peter looked stylish in the photo.

They dressed casually for their outdoor date. Victoria rocked blue jeans and a shirt under a long brown coat, pairing her outfit with gray boots. As for Peter, his clothing seemed almost intentionally color-coordinated with hers. He also wore blue jeans and a brown jacket. The 28-year-old bachelor sported brown boots with his ensemble as well.

Although they looked great together, their date took an awkward turn at dinner when she seemed hesitant to open up to Peter. This led him to accuse her of “putting up walls” when she’s around him. Victoria then said that she isn’t that good at revealing her emotions to others and implied that she may not be cut out for the show after all. Peter seemed taken aback by that and told Victoria that he wanted her to be there. She later left the table and went to the bathroom where she was heard talking to a producer and discussing the possibility that she might go home.

Victoria eventually chose to stay and continue to compete for Peter’s heart along with the five other remaining contestants.