Cardi B Lifts Her Leg Into The Air While Having A Blast At A Club

Cardi B has been keeping up her usual stream of fun and flirty photos on her Instagram page lately, but took things up a notch with her newest share. The rapper was having a blast at the club and striking a silly pose for the snap, lifting her right leg into the air while surrounded by a crowd of people.

The stunner rocked an all-purple ensemble for her night out, one that included a sports bra-like top with an off-the-shoulder design and sheer long sleeves. It was a small top that didn't just put her cleavage, but also a hint of her underboob on display. She paired this with matching bottoms and see-through tights.

The photo was cropped from her upper thighs up, which made it difficult to tell whether she was standing or sitting when striking her pose. Either way, her flexibility was hard to deny, as Cardi grabbed her right ankle and lifted her leg in the air. She bent her knee slightly and grabbed onto the black railing in front of her with her left hand.

The beauty tilted her head to the right and closed her eyes while sticking her tongue out for the shot. Her makeup included a dramatic thin cat-eye, dark lashes, and pink eyeshadow.

She kept the color theme rolling with a bright purple wig, which featured extra-long locks that she brushed in front of her left shoulder.

Cardi's adoring fans took to the comments section to rave about the photo.

"I tried this move and was in bed for a week after," joked a follower.

"The hair! The purple outfit! The makeup! Giving me modern day SELENA vibes!!!" gushed a supporter.

Furthermore, people who were there to witness Cardi's night out stopped by with playful messages.

"B*****tch! lol I had a blast this night..... you are the life of the party, ill party with you any place!!! Period!" wrote rapper Bobby Lytes.

"You know I got you regardless!" wrote Achonti Shanise, who was referenced in the caption.

The bombshell's followers know that she likes to have a good time, and Cardi previously shared a snap from another "wild" night a week ago. It looked like the photo was taken before she went out, and showed the rapper flaunting her curves in a skintight mini dress. The outfit was pink snakeskin-print with black accents throughout and a low neckline that left her cleavage on display. Her black wig, which had pink highlights, likewise matched her ensemble.