Camille Kostek Shows Off Incredible Bod In Eye-Catching Bikinis

Camille Kostek wears a light blue outfit.
Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images

Sports Illustrated revealed earlier today that Camille Kostek is taking part in this year’s swimsuit photo shoot, and the stunner offered a behind-the-scenes sneak peek in her newest Instagram update. The image featured two Polaroid pictures that were laid on a wooden table and showed the stunner flaunting her incredible body in a couple of eye-catching bikinis.

The photo on the left was of the model rocking a swimsuit that brought attention to her cleavage. The bikini was in a dark blue-silver tone, with a top that mimicked the cut of a sports bra. It had thick straps and the fabric extended inches below her chest, the soft V-shaped neckline leaving her chest on display.

The stunner stood facing the camera straight-on and left her hands by her sides. She wore her hair down in a middle part, with her blond locks illuminated in the shot, thanks to the flash.

The backdrop featured a blank wall and a light-colored curtain with horizontal panels. Directly behind Camille was a short black table with a binder on top.

The second Polaroid shot featured Camille rocking a bright orange bikini. This ensemble included a small top with a straight neckline and bottoms with thin straps that rested high on her hips. The extra string fell down her upper thighs. Her styling and pose were almost identical to the other photo of her in the dark-colored swimwear.

The beauty’s many followers took to the comments section to talk about her newest update.

“Because of you I wear my bikini string bottoms over my hip bones, it’s way more flattering,” wrote an admirer.

“So GODDAMN refreshing seeing a body type I relate to on Instagram. You help us fitter more curvy chicks feel sexy and I can’t thank you enough for it,” gushed a fan.

“Can I just have your diet secrets & workout secrets, it can be in a dm lmaooo! xo,” exclaimed a third social media user.

“Sports illustrated swimsuit issue?” guessed a supporter, with Camille responding to let them know that they were correct.

In addition to the aforementioned photos, Sports Illustrated shared another update today that showed the model rocking a purple bikini. That time, Camille was snapped while lying on her stomach at the beach. She arched her back and lifted her booty into the air while propping herself up with her arms. The blonde smiled widely for the shot, her hair flowing around her right shoulder.