New Sinkhole Found In Florida, Two Houses Evacuated

Sinkhole In Florida

A new sinkhole has opened up between two houses in Florida.

Officials believe the latest sinkhole found in the state is around eight feet in diameter and at least ten feet deep. Both houses near the opening have been evacuated until it’s determined the area around the sinkhole is safe.

An 11-year-old girl was reportedly getting some ice cream with her friends when she noticed the hole between the two houses. Her father then contacted authorities. Both families were asked to evacuate their homes until officials can determine if the ground is unstable.

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue spokeswoman Jessica Damico said the new sinkhole opened around 7 pm on Saturday. She described the evacuation of the residents as a precaution.

The new sinkhole was found in the same Florida town where 37-year-old Jeff Bush was killed. The man was sleeping when a hole opened up beneath his bed. Rescuers were unable to retrieve his body.

Another sinkhole appeared earlier this month roughly two miles from the one that killed Bush. The area, which has been dubbed “Sinkhole Alley,” is currently in the middle of what officials refer to as “sinkhole season.”

Florida isn’t the only state that has been forced to contend with the aftermath of a sinkhole in recent days. A massive opening reportedly consumed a man-made pond in Newcastle, California.

Mark Korb said the sinkhole drained the entire pond in one fell swoop. He said the area looked like the “surface of the moon.” Korb added that it took him around seven days to drain the pond himself. However, the sinkhole managed to do the job overnight.

“I would guess probably four to five hours for this whole area to drain,” he estimated.

It’s currently unknown if the new sinkhole in Florida will cause additional problems for the homeowners. Officials are still investigating the area.

[Image by Wikimedia Commons]