Donny Osmond Shares Photo Of The ‘Treasured Keepsake’ From His Movie Idol, Kirk Douglas, That No One Can Touch

The singer shared a special memory of the late movie legend.

A composite image of singer Donny Osmond and the Spartacus movie poster
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The singer shared a special memory of the late movie legend.

Donny Osmond shared a photo of one of his most prized possessions with his fans. Days after the death of film legend Kirk Douglas, the singer took to Instagram to post a photo of a special DVD that he asked the late movie icon to sign more than 20 years ago.

In the caption to the post, Donny admitted that even though he has been in show business his whole life, he was never one to “collect” autographs from the megastars he crossed paths with. But he made an exception when it came to the stars of his favorite childhood movie, Spartacus. Osmond revealed that he asked both Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis to sign his copy of the 1960 film after they made separate appearances on the syndicated Donny & Marie talk show in the late 1990s.

Donny added that Kirk and Tony are the only stars he ever asked for an autograph. The Osmond brother revealed that he keeps the signed treasure in his office and says “no one” is allowed to ever play the DVD.

Donny added that Douglas, who died this week at 103-years-old, will always be his inspiration. Curtis passed away in 2010.

In comments to the poignant post, Donny Osmond’s fans reacted to his special remembrance of two Hollywood legends.

“What a sweet memory,” one fan wrote of Donny’s autograph story.

“Wow, what a beautiful keepsake Donny, loved that film,” added another.

“What a fabulous keepsake,” a third fan told Donny. “Both great actors, and what lives they lived. However, I have your autograph and that is my most treasured possession too.”

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One of my favorite movies as a young man was #Spartacus. In all my years in show business, I've never been one to collect autographs. The only exceptions to that rule were autographs from Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas. They both made appearances on the Donny and Marie talk show. ⁣ ⁣ Even though we had so many stars on our show, I never personally asked anyone for their autograph besides Tony and Kirk. I had to seize the opportunity for them to sign my Spartacus DVD. My autographed copy is a treasured keepsake in my office, and no one is allowed to play this DVD — especially now.⁣ ⁣ #KirkDouglas was a true inspiration, both on and off stage. He will be deeply missed. #ripkirkdouglas

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Fans know that Donny and his sister, Marie, co-hosted their daytime talk show from 1998 to 2000.

Kirk Douglas appeared on the talk show several years after suffering a stroke. After Marie gave a glowing introduction touting Douglas as “a living legend” and rattling off his list of acting credits, books, and awards, Donny welcomed the movie icon to the show by admitting he was nervous to meet him.

“You’re such a legend, I admire you so much,” Donny said.

“When I heard that introduction I was nervous meeting myself!” Kirk replied.

Spartacus is one of Kirk Douglas’ most memorable movies. The legendary star played the title character in the 1960 Stanley Kubrick film, while Tony Curtis played the character Antoninus. Spartacus won four Academy Awards and was honored in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress in 2017.