Most Democratic Voters ‘More Likely’ To Vote For Bernie Sanders After Iowa Caucuses, Says Poll

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) speaks to a crowd gathered at the Phoenix Convention Center during a campaign rally on March 15, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona.
Ralph Freso / Getty Images

A new Morning Consult survey suggests that voters are more likely to vote for Bernie Sanders after the Iowa caucuses, which was riddled with errors and a delayed rollout of results.

Of the 52 percent of respondents that said they were leaning toward backing Sanders following Iowa’s caucuses, Newsweek reports that 29 percent said they were “much more likely,” and 23 percent said they were”somewhat more likely.”

Of the 38 percent of supporters that said they were more likely to back Pete Buttigieg after the Iowa caucuses, just 14 percent said they were “much more likely” to do so.

Surprisingly, Joe Biden, who polled lower than Buttigieg in Iowa, saw more enthusiasm, with 48 percent of respondents saying they were more likely to support him after the caucuses.

As for the overall results, Sanders came in first with 25 percent support and Biden in second with 24 percent. In third was Michael Bloomberg with 15 percent support, and in fourth Buttigieg with 12 percent.

“Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg of Indiana and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) are seeing their national stock rise in the wake of Monday’s Iowa caucuses as former Vice President Joe Biden bleeds support, leaving him and Sanders effectively tied for front-runner status,” the Morning Consult report reads.

The results of the Iowa caucuses were so problematic that the Associated Press said it could not declare a winner. While Buttigieg declared a victory before the official release of the results, Sanders declared victory after the release of 97 percent of the data and pointed to the popular vote. As of now, the publication’s data shows Buttigieg is in the lead with more state delegates, although Sanders leads in the popular vote.

“Following the Iowa Democratic Party’s release of new results late Thursday night, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg leads Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders by two state delegate equivalents out of 2,152 counted. That is a margin of 0.09 percentage points,” AP reported.

As The Inquisitr reported, the problematic rollout of the results led to Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez calling for a recanvass of the results. Regardless, Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price denied Perez’s request and said that the party would only take such action at the request of a presidential campaign.

A New York Times report found numerous flaws in the Iowa caucus data, with over 100 of the precinct results containing “internally inconsistent” information. According to the report, the inconsistencies are due to the complexity of the Iowa caucus process, and there is no evidence that the data was intentionally manipulated.