Jennifer Aniston Gets Sexy In Revealing Outfits Showing Plenty Of Skin & Leather

Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of "Just Go With It"
Jemal Countess / Getty Images

For those who are not her personal friends, Jennifer Aniston tends to come off like the girl next door. At least to the uninitiated, she does not appear to be an obvious sex symbol. Yet, when looking at her most recent Instagram post, the ways she was dressed and the poses she had struck gave this Friends star a more provocative public image.

The first photo among a pack of three showed the actress rocking a saucy Versace dress that revealed plenty of skin. Her taut and dramatically toned midsection was visible in the black-colored frock that was opened above and below her navel thanks to an asymmetrical design. Her accessories included a pair of drop earrings from Cartier, as described in a tag Jennifer included with her update.

For the initial image, the veteran Hollywoodite held her head of blond-colored hair back with one hand while she put her other hand in the back of her head. She stuck one leg out as she posed, with only her bare thigh and not her entire leg on display due to how the photo had been cropped.

The second image, a close-up, was shown in black-and-white. In the photo, only a portion of the thespian’s face was present. Her blue eyes had been treated to dark mascara and her eyebrows seemed darkened, while strands of her hair possessed a wet look.

That look was confirmed in the third snap in which she was wearing very little besides an open leather motorcycle jacket and over-the-knee leather boots. Her muscular thighs were on full display as she posed against a table with her pins slightly spread apart, and with one hand hanging down between her legs with her fingers splayed. The image, which was also presented in black-and-white, may have included a pair of panties, although it was hard to say for sure because that area was seen in shadow.

Jennifer’s most recent Instagram post, which showed pictures from a recent Interview magazine story, was popular among her 27.6 million Instagram followers. Within less than 30 minutes of going live, the update received more than 1.75 million likes and over 27,400 comments.

“Are you kidding????” fellow Friends actress Courteney Cox exclaimed, adding four fire emoji.

“These photos! I can kick, stretch and KICK! I’m fifty…one,” stated actress Rita Wilson.

“I’m not sure this could get any hotter. Jeeeeezus!! Happiest of Birthdays to one of the most beautiful (inside and out) women that I know!!” gushed actress Jessica Capshaw, who added four kissy-face emoji while celebrating Jennifer’s 51st birthday.

“Good lord,” commented actress Mindy Kaling.