Spoilers For 'The Bachelor' Episode 7 Reveal That Peter Weber Will Lean On His Mom For Insight & Advice

New The Bachelor spoilers for the next episode of Peter Weber's season have emerged and there is a rather intriguing tidbit incorporated into them. Previous spoilers have detailed that Peter and his remaining six women will head to Peru for the next round of dates. However, ABC shared that a seventh lady will share some potentially critical input on where Peter's journey should head next.

Fans know that the Bachelor is extremely close to his mom, dad, and brother. Based on The Bachelor spoilers from ABC for Episode 7, Peter will need some insight from his mom as he considers his next moves.

"After a supportive conversation with his mom, Peter is inspired to pay the women a surprise visit for a serious chat," the network's Episode 7 synopsis teases.

The Bachelor spoilers have revealed that Peter's mom will share an emotional plea with him at some point this season and fans have been anxious to figure out the context to that. An early preview for this season shows his mom tearfully telling her son not to let "her" go and to bring her home to them.

So far, that conversation involving Peter, his mom, and his dad has not been shown yet. Many fans suspect that it happens after the overnight dates in Australia, once Peter is theoretically down to his final two and each lady meets his family. It's not known yet if Peter's mom is talking about a specific bachelorette or in more general terms, but her words clearly give him more to think about.

However, these new The Bachelor spoilers suggest that Peter will reach out to his mom for advice or insight before those family meetups in Australia. It seems likely that this Episode 7 conversation is a different one than what the preview teases, but the network isn't sharing much more about either of these upcoming conversations.

Whatever Peter's mother does say in this conversation ahead of the dates in Peru, The Bachelor spoilers suggest that her insight gets him thinking. Apparently, this surprise visit is intended to be a wakeup call for the remaining women as Peter pleads with them to focus on their feelings. It sounds as if he may be asking them to let go of the jealousy and drama that has been causing chaos among them and instead focus on building their individual relationships with him.

After his conversation with the bachelorettes, The Bachelor spoilers detail that Peter will proceed with his scheduled dates. He faces three individual dates and one group date. By the end of his time in Peru, he'll have eliminated two women and have his four hometown dates set.

"It will only get more difficult from here on in," ABC teases, and The Bachelor spoilers have hinted that Peter will be facing plenty more drama before his finale airs.