Katelyn Runck Sizzles In Revealing White Lingerie, Teases ‘Happiness Is A Long Hot Shower’

Katelyn RunckInstagram

Fitness model Katelyn Runck just shared a post on her Instagram page that is clearly taking everybody’s breath away. While any single photo of the brunette bombshell is enough to raise people’s heart rates, she went above and beyond in this case by sharing two snaps along with a short, sultry video.

For this photoshoot, Katelyn wore a set of Honey Birdette lingerie as she stood in the entry of a white tiled shower. She teasingly asked her followers whether they preferred one of the still shots or the video, and it appears that people had a tough time picking just one of the three as a favorite.

In the first shot, Katelyn has her arms raised over her head as her long, dark hair cascades over one shoulder. She is gazing off to the side, away from the photographer, and has her lips parted slightly. The fitness bombshell is standing on her tiptoes with one foot crossed over in front of the other.

The lingerie that Katelyn chose to wear left little to the imagination. The lacy bra covered just the bare essentials, revealing plenty of the model’s deep cleavage. The tiny panties sat low on her hips, and the ensemble gave Katelyn the chance to flaunt her perfectly chiseled abs.

The second photo in Katelyn’s post showed her sitting on a chair next to the shower. She had one arm raised to rest gently on her hair, and she leaned on the other one. Her positioning again highlighted all her jaw-dropping curves and lean muscles in a way that clearly got pulses racing.

The third part of Katelyn’s post featured a short video. It showed her standing in the entry of the shower, tousling her hair, and shifting her pose slightly to nail down the best possible position.

More than 2.1 million people are following Katelyn’s Instagram account, and they loved this behind-the-scenes glimpse of this shower-focused lingerie photoshoot. The trio of uploads had nearly 8,000 likes in a mere 20 minutes and almost 500 comments came in during those early minutes as well.

“Truly stunning!!” praised one of Katelyn’s fans.

“Those sexy abs @katelyn_Runck” added someone else who threw in a handful of emoji to emphasize the point.

“My God you’re simply so so so hot @katelyn_runck ilysm,” detailed another impressed follower.

“You are a Sexy Bomb,” noted someone else who included a couple of bikini and bomb emoji.

Katelyn has posed in sexy lingerie sets plenty of times in the past, but her followers obviously never tire of seeing her insanely fit physique and enticing curves modeling these types of revealing sultry ensembles.